Your Mission is Our Mission Too

As Tilson’s core mission is to build communications and information infrastructure that reaches all Americans, we are proud to partner with federal, state, local, and tribal government organizations to deliver IT and network solutions that strengthen public safety, economic growth, and overall quality of life for our communities.

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Our Services 

With our nationwide footprint and team of multidisciplinary experts, many of whom are veterans, Tilson provides innovative and sustainable technology infrastructure solutions that are custom designed to achieve each community’s unique goals.

Broadband Consulting 

Our broadband consulting experts help federal, state, local, and tribal government organizations maximize their broadband infrastructure investment, ensuring maximum community impact. Our experts handle the full broadband implementation lifecycle, from program planning and management, to design and engineering, launch, and due diligence.

  • Grant program design and administration.
  • Infrastructure planning, including coverage gap analysis, broadband inventory analysis, and survey design/administration.
  • Community and stakeholder outreach.
  • Financial consulting.
  • Comprehensive network design and engineering services.
  • RFP drafting, execution, and applicant negotiation.
  • Compliance and regulatory advisory.

If you do not already have a strong partner to plan, design, and launch your broadband deployment initiative, contact us to discuss your community’s specific needs.

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IT Professional Services 

Connecting systems to systems, people to systems, and people to people, Tilson works with your organization to drive operational excellence.

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Network Deployment 

Tilson designs, builds, and maintains fiber and wireless networks that empower communities nationwide. We offer custom connectivity solutions that provide busy downtowns, rural areas, military bases, universities, government buildings, first responders, and communities of all sizes with reliable network connection.

  • FTTx – We provide end-to-end, full turn-key fiber network design, construction, and commercialization services that connect users at the speed of light.
  • Outdoor Small Cell – our wireless experts engineer, permit, and construct custom small cell solutions where coverage and capacity are critical.
  • Tower Services – increase network coverage and improve public safety with our turn-key comprehensive tower services including site development, construction, and maintenance.
  • In-Building Solutions – resolve your connectivity challenges with an in-building network solution that delivers reliable and secure coverage in any indoor or outdoor environment.
  • Infrastructure Development – avoid the long-term expense of maintaining infrastructure assets with Tilson’s asset owning affiliate, Tilson Infrastructure. Tilson Infrastructure finances the development of poles, towers, dark fiber, and neutral host network infrastructure, providing flexibility to lease back assets on extended payment terms.
  • Maintenance Services – Tilson’s 24/7 maintenance crews ensure less downtime, reduced cost, and minimal disruption to your network’s users. In addition to solving immediate concerns, our team also identifies preventative maintenance opportunities to avoid future maintenance issues.

Intelligent Transportation 

Tilson builds fiber and wireless networks for DOTs nationwide as a designer, design/builder, consulting engineer, and general contractor. With our end-to-end services, we deliver solutions that improve operations and increase safety, while also preparing for the technology of the future.

  • Commercializing of infrastructure assets through Tilson’s infrastructure affiliate, Tilson Infrastructure.
  • End-to-end construction services.
  • RF engineering, wireless network design and engineering, and fiber broadband design.
  • Testing and due diligence for communication wired and wireless systems.
  • Turn-key maintenance of all critical infrastructure assets.

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Network Operations Center (NOC)

Tilson’s Network Operations Center (NOC) utilizes our proprietary systems to monitor and maintain networks and network infrastructure to respond quickly to issues and ensure that mission-essential operations can continue seamlessly and efficiently. We provide:

  • Network and Server Monitoring: We track multiple data points and metrics (connectivity, bandwidth, temperature, etc.) on the network to allow for performance optimization and advance troubleshooting.
  • Maintenance: We develop preventative maintenance schedules to help implement routines to facilitate remote network maintenance and to quickly dispatch technicians when necessary.
  • Integrated Field support and engineering: Dispatching and management of boots-on-the-ground support integrated with Tilson’s national field presence.
  • Reporting and Analytics: With our customized analytics and regular reporting, your organization will have the data you need to make key business decisions about your network.
  • Around-the-Clock Support: Backed by over 20 offices, our team provides 24/7 dispatching and monitoring services, allowing Tilson to respond to network outages and incidents promptly. Our highly skilled technicians provide emergency response in a matter of hours.

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Case Studies

Tilson’s multidisciplinary experts have the specific knowledge and experience necessary to deliver successful government technology projects.

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