Technical Due Diligence

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Tilson’s Due Diligence team provides analysis and insight to guide the investment and purchase of telecommunications assets and properties. Our expert consultants understand telecom because they’ve experienced it, working firsthand in broadband, wireless, network development, and engineering. We are uniquely positioned to understand both the financial and technical aspects of the due diligence process, ensuring we assess the full range of network technology, network architecture design and construction, management, and financial performance.

Tilson’s Technical Due Diligence team assessed a dark fiber network, uncovering an additional and undisclosed $1.4 million investment that would be required for the network to remain viable in the market. Learn how Tilson revealed this and other critical details through its Technical Due Diligence processes. Read the case study.

Your Trusted, Technical Due Diligence Team

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Network Assessment

  • Asset verification
  • Network characterization and fitness
  • Engineering design review and assessment
  • Capacity analysis and network expansion capability
  • OSP quantification and qualification
  • Expandability: Upgrade and transformation planning
  • ROW, easement, and access validation

Management & Operations

  • System and organizational controls verification
  • Policies, procedures, and asset management review
  • Staff competency, performance, training
  • Audits, reviews, and SLA compliance
  • Cost and efficiency improvements
  • Disaster recovery and change management readiness

Data Center Assessment

  • Data center infrastructure evaluation
  • Facility capacity analysis
  • Security analysis
  • Power, environmental, and fire suppression analysis

Market Assessment

  • Market demand assessments
  • Existing growth and expansion opportunities
  • Acquisition and consolidation opportunities

Organizational Assessment

  • Organizational efficiency and control
  • Network operational contracts
  • Critical resource assessment
  • Governance

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