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Tilson Develops Actionable Plan for Expanding and Improving Connectivity for Kayenta Township


Kayenta serves as the first municipally structured government established on the Navajo Nation as a permanent political sub-division. The Township is comprised of 3,606.3 acres of the Navajo Trust Land with a population of 5,189. The mission of Kayenta Township, through its history and cultural environment, is to promote and strive for sustainable economic development and growth for future generations.

The Challenge 

Like most of the Navajo Nation, residents in Kayenta live largely below the poverty line and its citizens reside on the far side of the “Digital Divide.” The township is focused heavily on improving broadband infrastructure to enhance the quality of life in the Kayenta community, create educational and self-employment opportunities, and benefit the community’s residents, businesses, commercial activities, schools, libraries, law enforcement, emergency operations, and healthcare operations, including telehealth. To that end, the township required a comprehensive broadband feasibility study and strategies for improving and expanding coverage in the region. The township was ultimately looking for a trusted partner and consultant to rely on, working closely with the key decision-makers and stakeholders to develop a robust plan for its connectivity initiatives.

The Solution

Tilson was selected as the expert consulting firm and is working closely with the Township and various stakeholders to develop a sustainable business and operational plan for the Township. The plan involves aggressive use of the FCC/USAC Lifeline subsidy and FCC Emergency Broadband Benefit subsidy programs as a revenue supplement. The formation of a Township Telecommunications Utility Enterprise to advance the township’s broadband position over time is under consideration, as are public private partnerships with existing regional providers such as NTUA Choice Wireless and Sacred Wind Communications.



‚ÄčTilson partners with public and private sector community leadership to plan, design, construct, and maintain viable and cost-effective broadband networks that are essential to communities’ safety, economy, health, and quality of life.

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Kayenta serves as the first municipally structured government established on the Navajo Nation as a permanent political sub-division.

Solutions / Services

  • Broadband Infrastructure Assessment Technology and Trends Review
  • Site Analysis
  • Project Identification
  • Needs Assessment and Outreach
  • High Level Network Design and Associated Cost Estimation
  • Stakeholder Coordination
  • Funding Strategy
  • Business Plan Development

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