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TWI's Global Supply Chain Systems

Tilson helped defense and petrochemical logistics company Theodor Wille Interdrade (TWI) build a global supply chain to deliver food, tools, and building materials to US troops and industry in Europe, the middle east, and Central Asia.

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AT&T in Upstate NY

Tilson helped AT&T's turf contractors deploy hundreds of new AT&T Mobility LTE sites in upstate New York for faster mobile broadband.

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Three Ring Binder

Tilson helped the Maine Fiber Company, Inc. with business start-up, engineering, pole licensing on 30,000 utility poles, and construction management of a  1,100 mile fiber optic network in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

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Tilson helped Avangrid deploy AMI and distribution automation in three of their T&D territories in two states and build their North American smart grid.

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