In-Building Coverage

In-Building Distributed Antenna Systems (iDAS)

iDAS can help solve the increasingly prevalent issue of mobile phones not working inside office buildings, stadiums, campuses, and other venues that attract a large number of people trying to connect to a wireless network at the same time. Tilson has worked with carriers, neutral host providers, public safety stakeholders, and building owners to design and install robust iDAS systems that solve connectivity issues and provide seamless in-building wireless coverage. In addition, Tilson’s infrastructure affiliate develops, owns, and leases back neutral host indoor and outdoor wireless networks to carriers, municipalities, and enterprise customers to offer financing flexibility and faster deployment. 

Partnering with Tilson

Tilson has relationships with wireless service providers and iDAS equipment manufacturers, allowing us to produce designs that are compliant with wireless carrier design and quality specifications. Our relationships with wireless carriers allow for expedited coordination for signal sources and rebroadcast agreements.


Tilson’s team of installation technicians are experts at installing coax, fiber, Cat6, and DC power ensuring a clean, neat and future-proof structured cabling installation that minimizes line losses. Our RF technicians install, integrate, test and commission the antenna system, balancing the signal level at each node and maximizing the efficiency of the network. We perform post installation data collection and network optimization to meet client needs.  All of our technicians are trained by the OEM (including Ericsson, Spidercloud, Nokia, Commscope, Teko, Solid, Corning, ADRF, and Westell) allowing proper installation and rapid troubleshooting.


Tilson has an emergency number that is staffed 24/7 to allow us to respond to emergency alarms and trouble tickets across the country. Our OEM-trained technicians can rapidly mobilize and troubleshoot and repair iDAS systems even if not originally installed by Tilson. 

Design and Engineering

Tilson’s experienced RF engineers start from the ground up when designing an iDAS system, beginning with RF benchmark testing to determine the current levels of wireless service at a given location and a site survey to obtain all available information about the building: blueprints, maps, wiring diagrams, building materials, and existing conditions. This allows them to evaluate any potential sources of signals interference and any space constraints that may present design challenges. Tilson is specialized in Enterprise DAS and works closely with building owners to design an iDAS system that works with their desired aesthetics. That information enables our RF engineers and licensed professional engineers, using industry-leading software iBWAVE, to create a design that includes an equipment room, antennas, and structured cabling compliant with all national building and electric codes and Electronic Industry Alliance/Telecommunications Industry Association (EIA/TIA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards that meets the customer’s RF needs. Tilson’s licensed professional engineers provide stamped construction drawings that detail installation designs, including structural analysis, where required.

Our Projects

New Era Stadium DAS Upgrade

Tilson provided AT&T and Verizon Wireless with DAS installation, commissioning and optimization of an existing Corning Mobile Access DAS, reconfiguring from 38 to 42 zones and swapping out 14 existing antennas. In addition, 16 antennas and coax were relocated from the interior of the stadium to the external light stanchions.  By utilizing a phased approach and coordinating work around team practices and game schedules, Tilson was able to complete the project in five weeks during the NFL season, with zero customer-impacting down time during games. Read the full case study.

Bottomline Technologies

Tilson provides Verizon Wireless with project management and construction services for a single sector, BDA and BBU fed, Commscope DAS. Our technicians installed, tested, commissioned, and optimized a Node-A BDA, 4 Fiber-fed remotes, 2 BBU, 21 indoor antennas, donor antenna, 2000’ of plenum coax and 500’ of Fiber. We completed this work in three weeks to meet on an extremely tight 2016 year-end deadline. Read the full case study.


AT&T Maintenance Services

Tilson is contracted to perform indoor DAS maintenance for AT&T in all New England states and in upstate New York. Our maintenance services include responding to all equipment outages and system performance issues. Our technicians investigate call processing issues using BTS test sets and RF scanners, and troubleshoot and repair DAS system components including fiber, coax, DAS remotes and headend equipment. We service and repair equipment made by all the major OEMs. Read the full case study.

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