Commitment to supporting America’s future telecommunications workforce

Opportunities in Telecom

In 2017, the Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) sponsored the Telecommunications Industry Registered Apprenticeship Program, or TIRAP. Tilson was one of the first companies in the country to participate in this competency-based apprenticeship which includes 150 hours of coursework and up to 12 months of mentor-evaluated on-the-job training. TIRAP helps employees obtain the necessary skills to meet workforce demands in wireless and small cell construction and offers an entry-level opportunity into one of the fastest-growing fields in the nation.

In June 2019, Tilson Executive Chairman Josh Broder addressed the U.S. House of Representatives, testifying on the importance of apprenticeship programs like TIRAP in building America’s future skilled workforce.

“The growth of the telecommunications industry demands highly skilled workers who can collectively deliver efficient, quality networks that run our economy. Tilson is committed to training and developing these skilled workers in order to set them up for success.”

– Josh Broder, Executive Chairman

Mentorship Program 

As a participant in TIRAP, you will be assigned a mentor who will help facilitate your personal and professional growth by sharing their experience and lessons learned throughout the years.

“I think the biggest takeaway my mentor has provided me is the ability to think outside the box when you’re put in a difficult situation. Like if I’m rigging the rope on a tower, how am I going to rig everything to make things easier to work while I’m up there? It’s those kinds of tricks that have been super helpful to learn on the job.”
– Bryce K., Tower Tech I, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Tilson’s Safety Culture

As an apprentice, you will work closely with Tilson’s national safety staff, including our national tower safety manager, to establish career-long skills in safety best practices.

“At Tilson, we believe that safety is our number one value. Our national safety program is built upon empowerment, transparency, and judgment. There are procedures to report safety incidents, near misses, share lessons learned, and receive appropriate care in the event of an accident or injury, no matter how small. These policies and protocols enable Tilson employees at all levels to stop work and ensure that we stay true to our number one priority, safety.”
– Charles Webster, Safety Director.

Learn more about Tilson’s safety culture.

How to Apply

To apply to the TIRAP program, fill out an application for any of our open tower tech positions – open positions.

After 30 days at Tilson, you may fill out the TIRAP enrollment form

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