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Connecting systems to systems, people to systems and people to people. Tilson works with your company to improve business performance by turning risk and IT governance challenges into opportunities.


Knowledge Through Experience

Tilson employs the country’s best and brightest talent. Our teams’ dedication to technology evolution, industry best practices, process excellence and customer satisfaction has attracted the most talented individuals from the national marketplace. This not only serves to enhance our knowledge and experience of global markets and clients, but strengthens our ability to stay true to our core values and work ethic. Tilson’s highly skilled staff allows the company to respond to clients’ needs quickly and efficiently and deliver value-added , customer-focused solutions.  We solve real-world, industry-specific challenges on time and on budget.

We Plan

Project management is key to the overall success of each project. Tilson’s project managers work with clients to plan the engagement around timelines, deliverables and resources. A comprehensive project plan serves as a guide for the duration of the engagement.  

We Listen

Our team dives into every aspect of the organization to form a holistic view of the needs, challenges and goals. This typically includes interviewing key stakeholders, reviewing existing infrastructure, datasets and documentation, understanding pain points and determining end goals. Tilson’s team will dissect business processes to the most basic level to understand the regulatory drivers. This also helps earn our clients’ trust and drive system acceptance and change.

We Analyze

Our team will conduct process and needs analysis. This will identify the key organizational functions which will drive the technology. We will review industry standards and advancements to solutions to provide value and meet needs.  Tilson also analyzes risk to the organization. Measures to assess and manage project and information security risk are built into every process.

We Advise

Tilson excels at serving as a strategic IT advisor. We craft recommendations and solutions based on the planning, discovery and analysis. We provide you with the tools and information to achieve your goals. We explain, translate, and demonstrate how each recommendation provides value and meets the organizational needs.

We Communicate

We actively communicate during every stage of the project lifecycle. We ensure our clients always understand the status, timeline, and budget. Our team also translates complicated technology language into digestible, understandable information.

We Evaluate

Our team learns from every task and every project. After significant deliverables and stages, we take the time to evaluate and understand the successes and pitfalls. We then use this information to refine future stages and continuously improve our processes.

Case Studies

When creative solutions for change are required, industry standards are just the starting line. We push the limits on technology, set new standards, and have a long track record of fulfilling on our promises. Browse all case studies here.

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