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Tilson has the people, knowledge, experience, and technology necessary to provide our clients with end-to-end, full turn-key fiber network design, construction, and commercialization. Our fiber network services include designing and building fiber networks to homes, enterprise facilities, network nodes (small cell and oDAS), and cell sites using GPON, EPON, NG-PON2, Active Ethernet, and RF over glass (RFoG) technologies. Tilson performs all its survey, design and permitting work with its own employees in local offices around the country. In addition, Tilson Infrastructure develops, owns, and leases back dark fiber to carriers and wireless broadband/internet service providers to offer financing flexibility and faster deployment. 

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The People

Designing and implementing a complex fiber network is a multi-layered process that requires a large team of people with subject matter expertise in a wide range of technical disciplines. Our FTTx team combines the experience of GIS experts, CAD operators, licensed professional engineers, and network engineers who can provide high-level fiber network designs with a team of experienced outside plant engineers who come from a diverse background of public utilities and broadband providers. Additional network design and implementation services are provided by real estate experts led by a team of attorneys and a construction team experienced in fiber deployment. The entire project team is overseen by a dedicated project manager who ensures a seamless workflow throughout the entire process.

The Technology

Tilson is innovating the way networks are planned, designed and built by leveraging leading edge technology that saves time, minimizes errors and produces a higher quality product. Our network design utilizes advanced GIS and automated design network planning tools, as well as pole data collection and structural analysis tools and software that integrate with our own proprietary software designed by the Tilson IT team.

The Process

  • Network Design: Fiber network design starts with a high-level desktop design planning optimal fiber routes and performing radio frequency modeling for networks with wireless components. Once our engineers have completed a preliminary desktop design, our outside plant engineers evaluate the actual conditions in the field and collect and verify data on utility poles, conduits, buildings, and existing infrastructure. They evaluate the logistics of deploying the design and take that field data back to the team who can perform pole loading analyses, create construction drawings, finalize the detailed network design, and provide a complete bill of material with cost estimates.
  • Real Estate: Tilson’s in-house real estate team participates in the fiber design and deployment process by securing all necessary agreements and entitlements. Our team can negotiate utility pole attachment agreements with pole owners, secure necessary easements or leases for private property pole placement or building entrances, obtain licenses for bridge and railroad crossings, and negotiate right-of-way use and franchise agreements with local jurisdictions. Additionally, we secure necessary DOT and local land use permits as required. If regulatory and environmental due diligence is required, our real estate team partners with several local and national firms and can manage that process through to completion, ensuring full compliance with all government regulations.
  • Make Ready: Tilson has a team dedicated to pole licensing and make-ready management. Our pole licensing team will submit the pole and conduit license applications to pole and conduit owners and follow the make-ready process through to completion. Our outside plant engineers attend the joint ride-outs with the utility field engineers to plan the make-ready process. This allows us to negotiate with the utilities and avoid expensive and unnecessary moves and pole replacements.
  • Implementation: Tilson self-performs the fiber network deployment or can provide general contractor and construction management services, overseeing third-party construction vendors. Following the completion of construction, Tilson validates test results, designs and implements acceptance procedures, reviews the final design and provides as-built drawings as required. Finally, our team performs network commissioning, testing, inspection and optimization to ensuring network reliability.
  • Commercialization: Tilson partners with public entities to operate, maintain, and commercialize their dark fiber networks. This service allows public entities to focus on their core operational mission while generating additional revenue by leasing excess capacity to private customers.

Our Projects

Kentucky Wired

The Kentucky Wired project was a large, middle-mile, make-ready engineering project that required rapid ramp-up and deployment to the market. Tilson provided make-ready engineering, including desktop review, field surveys, pole loading analysis and make-ready determinations for over 10,000 poles. Tilson's outside plant engineers completed the make-ready engineering at a rate of 500-600 poles weekly for the duration of this project. 

Three-Ring Binder

The Three-Ring Binder project consisted of complex fiber design and implementation for over 1,100 miles of dark fiber in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, including several international border crossings into Canada. The network deployment required obtaining over 30,000 utility pole licenses, 200 building entrance agreements, and permitting and building nice colocation and regenerations shelters for hubs and a head end. Tilson provided a turn-key service including project management, full network design, permitting, construction, commissioning and optimization. Read full case study.

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC)

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) awarded Tilson and SQF, LLC the Operations, Maintenance and Commercialization Services project. The project includes a 25-year contract for operations and maintenance services, as well as commercialization services for a fiber optic broadband network that provides connectivity for the PTC’s administrative buildings and offices, maintenance buildings, tolling systems, Intelligent Transportations Systems, among other sites and applications. Read the press release.

Fiber Densification

Tilson is in the process of designing and building several large fiber networks, providing end-to-end connection to cell sites for a large national CLEC across several states and thousands of miles of new fiber OSP.  This project requires extensive engineering and real estate management to provide a fiber connection to over 500 wireless telecommunications tower sites.

Mass Broadband

The Mass Broadband project built out a fiber network design for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts bringing Gigabit service to over 900 state government buildings. Tilson was the project manager and consulting engineer for this 1,300-mile lit fiber optic network in Western Massachusetts, managing the construction, testing, and acceptance of the network. Read full case study.


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