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Finding Success in a New Career by Embracing Change and Curiosity

Jeremy Vetter joined Tilson in early 2022 as an OSP Construction Coordinator. Prior to Tilson, Jeremy spent decades working in a different industry. New to telecommunications and Tilson, he embraced the professional challenge and his team-oriented attitude, willingness to learn, and enthusiasm quickly secured his promotion to Assistant Field Operations Manager. He works out of Tilson’s facility in Appleton, Wisconsin, managing crew needs across Wisconsin and elsewhere.

Jeremy’s career path isn’t uncommon at Tilson. As a high-growth telecommunications company working to build America’s information infrastructure, we’re hiring about 90 new people each month from all different backgrounds and from all walks of life. Tilson values both personal and professional experience at many different levels and believes that individuals new to this field can be successful here.

Prior to Tilson, Jeremy worked at Walgreens where he wore many hats over the course of 20 years. From working as a cashier to managing stores and coaching teams, Jeremy has seen and done it all. When COVID-19 hit, he was responsible for quickly mobilizing and organizing vaccine administration for his location, delivering over 100 shots a day to more than 5,000 people. His time and experience at Walgreens during the pandemic provided valuable insight into leading teams and into what Jeremy refers to as, “chaos management.”

Jeremy’s desire to tackle new challenges is what first drew him to Tilson. “My favorite part of my job is being a part of a growing, changing company,” said Jeremy. “I enjoy working through day-to-day challenges, solving problems, and making sure my team has what they need to be successful.”

Jeremy’s responsibilities range daily. Most mornings begin in the warehouse where he meets with the team to debrief and make plans for that day’s projects. From there, he will onboard and train new employees or work with Tilson’s Recruiting department to interview potential team members. The Wisconsin team is growing quickly, and finding and hiring the right people is an important part of his job. Jeremy also makes field visits to help with projects and to spend time with the teams on the ground. Equipment maintenance and repairs, PPE supplies, and vendor relationships are also all parts of Jeremy’s responsibilities.

Jeremy with Bessy, one of Tilson’s Horizontal Direcitonal Drills.

“I see my role as making sure that my teams have all the tools, equipment, knowledge, and support needed so they can focus on their work and remain safe. Safety is number one for me and the number one core value at Tilson, and I want that to be true for everyone.”

While a day in the life of Field Operations Management frequently changes, there is one constant Jeremy counts on: “I really enjoy the overall team effort at Tilson. Everyone contributes to the mission and every day I get to work closely with people from across so many different departments.”

Tilson’s collaborative culture and mission-driven team environment helped Jeremy quickly acclimate to telecommunications and he was able to carve a successful career path at the company. “I haven’t met anyone at Tilson who isn’t willing to help and teach. I learn something new each day because everyone is on same team and wants to be successful.” When asked to give advice to anyone starting out at Tilson or looking to begin their career in telecom, Jeremy recommends that “every chance you get to be a fly on the wall and learn, do it! Ask questions, ask for demonstrations, and absorb as much as you can”.

When not at work, Jeremy enjoys playing board games and watching movies with his wife and son, biking, running, hiking, woodworking, and knife making.

A telecommunications background is not a requirement to be a successful team player at Tilson. If you’re motivated and looking for a new role or the next step in your career, our team can provide the training and tools necessary for success. With remote, field, and office positions nationwide, Tilson has a role for you!

Find the role for you and apply today to join Jeremy and the Tilson Team

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