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Tilson Network Operations Center (NOC) Partners with Westell to Deliver 24/7 Intelligent Site Management

Tilson’s Network Operations Center (NOC) provides industry-leading network monitoring and maintenance to ensure reliable network performance. Through our partnership with Westell Technologies, Tilson’s best-in-class NOC services now include Intelligent Site Management (ISM) for automated monitoring, remote monitoring, and control of unmanned IT infrastructure sites. Together, our services deliver enhanced 24/7 monitoring and insight into each of your sites, helping you avoid incidents before they happen.

The Challenge of Remote IT Infrastructure Management

In today’s hyper-connected world, customers expect the internet and the networks that support it to work 100% of the time. Macro towers, data centers, remote huts, small-cells, and the vast infrastructure that supports internet networks are all integral to their operations. However, managing remote IT infrastructure is a challenge to even the largest network providers.

Geographic distance: The IT Infrastructure that makes up the very foundation of our networks is geographically dispersed, yet IT owners must have deep insight into what’s going on at all of their locations at all times.

Limited physical access: With remote IT infrastructure, physical access to the sites, hardware, servers, and networking equipment is limited. This can make it challenging and expensive to troubleshoot issues and perform maintenance tasks.

Security concerns: Remote IT infrastructure can pose security risks, such as cyberattacks and data breaches. Properly securing every site and asset is fundamental to the entire information security posture of the network.

24/7 operations: Today’s networks operate 24/7, 365 days a year. Remote IT infrastructure may be spread across multiple time zones, which can make coordinating maintenance and support activities difficult, leading to delays and reduced productivity.

Managing remote IT infrastructure and overcoming these challenges requires careful planning, effective communication, and the use of specialized tools and processes to deliver on customer expectations and to ensure that the infrastructure is running smoothly and securely. This is where having Intelligent Site Management and an experienced Network Operations Center make all the difference.

What Is Intelligent Site Management (ISM)?

Intelligent Site Management (ISM) is an industry term describing the automated or remote monitoring and control of unmanned, “lights out” IT infrastructure sites.

ISM combines the integration of various data sources, such as sensors, cameras, and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices to monitor the environment, performance, and efficiency of sites with around-the-clock monitoring, analytics, and incident handling from the NOC. Data and events are analyzed in real-time to identify issues or inefficiencies, allowing appropriate actions to be taken to address concerns in a timely manner.

The goal of ISM is to provide:

ISM identifies inefficiencies and potential failures before they become larger issues, leading to reduced downtime and increased productivity. ISM also provides monitoring and data analysis to identify safety hazard and improve site safety. Additionally, ISM optimizes operational efficiency and energy usage, saving money and reducing your carbon footprint.

It’s clear that having a NOC with ISM improves network safety and performance while saving money and time, but it’s critical that you find the right service that works for you and your unique needs.

Where Out of The Box (OOB) Providers Let You Down

While there are many site monitoring providers out there, many offer niche services such as tower light monitoring and other “dry contact” monitoring. These solutions are limited and often not flexible to your unique needs. Out of the box providers essentially tell you, “Here is what is available, take it or leave it.”

If your network and IT infrastructure don’t fit into their model, you’re often left without the full spectrum site monitoring you need, or worse, you’re left paying for more than you need.

Very few site monitoring providers offer the multifaceted 24/7, 365 day support of an ITIL Foundation based NOC like Tilson’s, capable of handling not only long-term Operations and Maintenance support, but incident, problem, and change management for your IT Infrastructure.

The Tilson/Westell Advantage

Tilson’s NOC and Westell Technologies are both leading the industry in IT infrastructure site monitoring, reporting, and maintenance. Together, this partnership delivers an enhanced 24/7 NOC service with best-in-class monitoring to understand current conditions and identify trends at each of your IT infrastructure sites. What’s more, our service will help you avoid most incidents before they happen through proactive operations and maintenance, while also responding quickly to any problems that may occur at your site.

Westell brings years of carrier-grade experience into a hardware platform that is powerful and flexible to meet your ISM needs, both now and in the future. The Tilson NOC provides additional services for full-spectrum operations, including remote RF monitoring, remote NOC services, and cloud based CCTV VMS.


The Tilson NOC and Westell Technologies are ready to support your remote IT Infrastructure Intelligent Site Monitoring needs with powerful hardware and systems integration, combined with around-the-clock, U.S.-based analytics, incident handling, and support.  

Learn more by taking advantage of a free 1-hour consulting session. At the end we’ll provide you a summary of how our services can meet your business needs.

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