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Tilson Tuesdays, Hector Beltran

For this week’s Tilson Tuesdays employee spotlight, meet Hector Beltran!

Hector is a Drill Locator in our Wisconsin market and has been with Tilson for the past year. When installing fiber cables underground, one of the technologies Tilson uses is horizontal directional drilling. This involves guiding a drill to move horizontally beneath the surface to create a bore path for fiber cable without having to dig a large, open trench. Hector’s role as a locator is to confirm the location of the drill as it moves underground, continually checking the location of other utility lines and confirming the safe location and direction of the drill. He then communicates this information to the person driving the drill itself. Essentially, Hector serves as the driller’s eyes as the bore head moves underground.

Hector says his favorite part of working on Tilson is the people. “I enjoy the environment and being part of a team that works together to get things done correctly and safely.”

This team-oriented attitude serves Hector well as a drill locator, as he needs to work closely and be in constant communication with his team members to successfully perform the drilling operations.

Outside of work, Hector continues his social streak and loves to spend time with both his family and his friends. Hector is from Veracruz, Mexico, but has lived in Green Bay, Wisconsin for 20 years.

Fun fact: As part of the Green Bay Outside Plant team, Hector and his crew currently hold the longest streak without having a utility incident at Tilson – over one year and counting!

Thank you for being part of the team and for your continued commitment to safety at Tilson!

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