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Blueprint to Advancing Your Construction Business: Selecting the Right ERP Technology

In the construction industry, technology software, particularly an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, is critical to support the operations, processes, and future growth of an organization. Selecting the right ERP for your business means improved project outcomes, enhanced operational efficiency, and a competitive advantage in a competitive marketplace.

The journey toward selecting the right ERP software, however, goes beyond a simple checklist of software features. Businesses need to align their core needs and strategic vision with the capabilities of the technology. Having led ERP selection, implementation, and optimization projects for the construction industry since 1996, our Tilson’s Construction Technology Consultants share the following tips to help guide the ERP selection process.

Key Factors to Consider Before Selecting an ERP

Before looking at available software programs, the first step when selecting an ERP is to perform a deep dive into your business’s unique requirements. This is a critical process that will determine the role technology needs to play throughout your organization.

ERP Decision-Making Framework

With your shortlist of ERP vendor options from the previous steps, you’re ready to make a final decision using an evaluation framework that examines the following:

ERP Selection Support

The selection of an ERP system is incredibly important and shouldn’t be taken lightly; the right ERP can mean the difference between operational success and failure in the construction industry. By approaching the selection process in the holistic, collaborative, and strategic process defined above, you will find the ERP technology that streamlines your projects, boosts efficiency, provides a competitive edge, and scales for the continued growth of your company.

If you don’t want to make this important decision alone, talk with one of Tilson’s technology experts. Our consultants come from the construction industry and have worked in ENR Top 400 companies, giving us a unique advantage to provide actionable insights to advance your construction business. We understand the industry processes that matter to you and will serve as your partner from start to finish through selection, implementation, and optimization.

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