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Benefits of Microtrenching: Connecting Homes and Businesses Faster

Tilson is on a mission designing and building America’s information infrastructure, bringing high-speed fiber internet to communities from coast to coast. Our team self-performs the construction and installation of fiber optic networks using new and improved fiber construction techniques including horizontal directional drilling and microtrenching.

As a leading nationwide network deployment firm, Tilson recruits, hires, and trains new operators, drill locators, and other outside plant positions as we continue our historic growth nationwide. Read on to understand why Tilson uses these game-changing fiber construction technologies and discover the reasons why you should join Tilson’s Outside Plant crews.

What is Microtrenching and How Does it Work?

Microtrenching is a unique process that enables the fast, safe, and environmentally friendly installation of fiber internet using a specialized machine, called a microtrencher, to dig extremely narrow trenches in the ground. Tilson uses this technology to create channels only an inch or two wide for the placement of fiber broadband cables, eliminating the time-consuming need of excavating large trenches along fiber routes.

Guided by a team of trained operators, the microtrencher cuts a preplanned route along roads or sidewalks to avoid underground utilities. As the machine cuts, the small amount of debris and dust is simultaneously removed and safely contained via a special vacuum attached to the machine. Once the trench is cut, crews quickly install fiber cables and restore the area. From start to finish, the whole process can be completed in a single day thanks to the speed and precision of the microtrencher.

An Accelerated, Cost-Effective Solution for Fiber Installation

Microtrenching means more fiber in more neighborhoods in less time, allowing Tilson to connect homes, buildings, and businesses faster than ever before. Microtrenching has a multitude of benefits when compared to traditional fiber installation methods, including:

Why You Should Join Tilson’s Outside Plant Team

For Tilson’s crew members, microtrenching and our approach to fiber installation provide benefits that set us apart from our competitors. Consider joining our team for the many benefits below:

If you’re looking to join a growing team that uses the newest equipment to tackle groundbreaking telecommunications projects, offers training and advancement opportunities, provides competitive compensation, and has an industry-leading benefits package, apply to one of Tilson’s open positions.

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