In-Building Coverage

Deliver seamless in-building wireless coverage to the most challenging environments.

Tilson’s in-building wireless services allow you to deliver high-quality wireless coverage to the largest and most challenging environments such as airports, stadiums, college campuses, offices, and hospitals. With the advent of 5G, reliable service is both an expected part of the customer experience and an essential cornerstone for business operations and public safety.

Tilson’s network services team is backed by decades of experience and are ready to help you deliver a customized wireless network solution for seamless in-building connectivity. We also offer flexible lease-back, ownership, and financing options through our infrastructure affiliate.

Why In-building?

Preparedness for 5G

  • Our engineers and technicians design, build, and maintain future-ready infrastructure that is scalable and ready to adapt to new technology.
  • Ensure your network is ready for future smart city and IoT technology.
  • Reduce overall consumption of in-building Wi-Fi and eliminate yearly data capacity upgrades.

The FCC has recently opened bandwidth for CBRS, creating an opportunity to deploy private LTE networks without the need for a carrier. Contact us to learn more.

Enhanced Public Safety

  • Align with existing public safety notification systems
  • Improved ability to call 911 throughout the building
  • Assist emergency personnel coordinating efforts
  • Meet public safety codes and ordinances
  • Support FirstNet responder network

Improved Customer & Employee Satisfaction

  • Improved in-building cellular coverage
  • Reduce dropped calls and “dead spots”
  • Improve data speeds for large numbers of people
  • Increase capacity to handle large numbers of  calls.

Increase Property Values

  • Attract and retain tenants
  • Secure long-term leases
  • Reduce operating expenses
  • Help enterprises increase productivity
  • Recruit talent and attract visitors

Why Tilson?

No Capex Up-Front Investment

Tilson’s infrastructure affiliate offers our clients flexible financing solutions and faster deployment.

Turn-Key Service

Simplify communications and expedite project deployment with a single point of contact. Backed by a rich portfolio of services, Tilson performs every step of the network deployment process:

  • Consultation: We take the time to carefully consider all your needs and deliver a solution that meets your specific business requirements and opens new opportunities.
  • Testing:Our technicians will use RF benchmark testing to determine the current levels of wireless service at a given location and a site survey to obtain all available information about the building: blueprints, maps, wiring diagrams, building materials, and existing conditions. 
  • Design and Engineering:Tilson works closely with building owners to design a system that works with their desired aesthetics. Our in-house professional engineers then create a comprehensive network design using IBwave that is compliant with all national building and electric codes, Electronic Industry Alliance/Telecommunications Industry Association (EIA/TIA), and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards.
  • Maintenance, Monitoring, and Support-Our industry-leading Network Operations Center provides ongoing 24/7/365 support. 

Customized Solutions, Simpler Deployments

Because of Tilson’s existing relationships with wireless service providers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), our networks are carefully designed and customized to meet your needs for a best-fit solution.

In addition, our existing relationships with partners mean expedited coordination for signal sources and rebroadcast agreements, as well as cutting through red tape when it comes to working in the public right of way and private land-use projects.


Tilson is experienced in delivering solutions to a wide variety of clients with a wide variety of needs. Our team is ready to deploy a customized solution that works for you. Structures include: 

  • Enterprise office environments
  • Airports
  • Stadiums
  • Campuses
  • Convention centers
  • Hospitals
  • Air Fields and Military Bases
  • Smart Agriculture

Case Studies

To learn more about Tilson projects, browse all our case studies, here.

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