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Professional Problem Solver Leads Tilson’s Broadband Consulting to Help Close the Digital Divide 

The telecom industry moves fast; it takes flexibility and a willingness to change to stay at the forefront of the latest market trends. Enter Adam Quinlan, Tilson’s Director of Broadband Consulting, who leads a growing team of broadband consultants. Broadband is critical to everyday activities such as work, school, and health care but millions of Americans either don’t have broadband available to them or can’t afford to pay for it. Adam and Tilson’s broadband consulting team partner with public and private sector community leadership to plan and design cost-effective broadband networks to help solve digital inequity in the United States. 

Adam first joined Tilson in 2016 but his career didn’t start in telecom. He earned a bachelor’s degree in economics and after graduating worked as a financial advisor. Looking for a new challenge, he entered law school and earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Maine School of Law. His focus was digital device forensics, which combined his legal work with his passion for technology. 

To help finance the cost of law school and starting his own law firm, Adam took on freelance web development projects which was his hobby-turned-side business. It was through his web development freelance work that he was first introduced to Tilson.  

“Eight years ago, I subcontracted for Tilson while on paternity leave with my first child,” Adam said. “I found it extremely rewarding, which led to a full-time position with the company as a software developer.” 

Tilson’s mission is to build communications and information infrastructure that reaches all Americans and Tilson’s broadband consulting division is at the core of that mission. Adam was the first member of the broadband consulting team, which has grown to 26 employees. He now serves as Director, leading a growing division of consultants that partner with state governments, local organizations, and communities to manage the grant funding, design, and implementation of broadband networks that connect unserved and underserved communities to high-speed internet. 

“It was a new subject matter with new responsibilities for me, which was a challenging change-of-pace. But I have always felt that Tilson’s leadership does a great job of implementing positive change not only for the company, but for its employees as well. Having strong leadership and guidance from coworkers allowed me to grow into the new role.” 

This isn’t an uncommon path at Tilson, where talent and initiative are celebrated and rewarded with the opportunity to advance within the company. Tilson recognizes that our greatest asset is our people and seeks to empower team members in pursuing their career goals. Adam’s drive to learn new skills and tackle challenges helped spearhead his entry into the telecom industry and led him to his current role within broadband consulting. “One of the aspects I love about working in this role, and generally throughout my career with Tilson, is the diversity of problem solving I have been faced with,” Adam added. “This is an unprecedented time for public subsidy funding aimed at providing reliable and affordable high-speed connectivity. Tilson’s Broadband Consulting team partners with organizations to take full advantage of available funding opportunities, helping weave together and implement impactful programs.” 

“The work we do across the U.S. leads to expanded and improved access to reliable internet connectivity, connecting communities and individuals that have historically been unable to participate in the modern economy or with the benefits of 21st century technology,” Adam said. “Our consulting work ultimately helps communities improve the quality of life for their constituents and that is a very rewarding aspect of leading this team.” 

We are fortunate to have Adam as our financial advisor-turned-lawyer-turned-web developer-turned-Director of Broadband Consulting. His background and drive to learn and grow means he is always at the forefront of the telecommunications industry, leading his team to find solutions to important 21st century issues. 

“Adam has consistently impressed Tilson with his ability and commitment to grow broadband accessibility while developing a highly capable team of professionals,” said Tilson’s VP of Telecom Consulting Jay Ford. “Adam has demonstrated a very high aptitude for strategy, and his skills have been indispensable during periods of high growth. The collaborative and thoughtful leadership style that Adam embodies supports a positive company culture and empowers his team to grow.” 

Outside of work, Adam keeps busy with a variety of hobbies. He enjoys board games and woodworking and continues to dabble in web development and technology projects. He lives in Maine with his wife and two boys, where they can get out in nature all year long through skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and kayaking. 

Learn more about Tilson’s Broadband Consulting team and their work to bridge the digital divide in the United States. 

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