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People Helping People: Reaching New Heights Through Mentorships

At Tilson, we take on the biggest and most challenging telecom projects for our clients. Our commitment to doing the hard work and dedication to foster innovation and growth is rooted in the people on our team – individuals like Engineering Manager Logan Brown.

Logan embodies the definition of hard work and is always looking for ways to exceed customer expectations, keep our team safe, and learn in the process. Each challenge is an opportunity for self-improvement and to help his team grow and develop skillsets. It’s this commitment to tackling hard projects, learning from successes and setbacks, and pushing forward that has made him successful in both his personal and professional life. At the same time, his commitment to “people helping people” has opened opportunities for him to find mentors as well as to be a mentor to others.

Logan joined the telecom industry in 2012 as a tower climber. Like many of our team members, Logan was new to the industry. He recognized he had a lot to learn about telecom and decided a mentorship would help him grow his career. By partnering with a seasoned foreman on his team, Logan quickly found new opportunities to learn and advance in his role. Logan traveled much of the western United States to work on cell sites, ranging from rural farms and mountains to dense cities and building rooftops. Through a series of promotions and new job opportunities, Logan was promoted to construction manager for a fiber cable installation crew. This was when his career in engineering truly kicked off. Recognizing a need for talented engineers and a new area of expertise to explore, Logan worked with industry mentors to learn everything he could about telecom engineering. With his years of field experience and his commitment to push himself to new heights, he quickly became a subject matter expert and was promoted to engineering manager for a team of 25 engineers. By the time he joined Tilson in 2022, Logan was a market lead engineer in charge of all fielding, engineering, CAD, and permitting for his market.

Once on the Tilson team, Logan continued to step out of his comfort zone to embrace new tasks and learn from those around him. During his time with Tilson, he has been internally promoted several times to his current position of Engineering Manager. Logan recognizes that this success can be contributed to many factors. While Logan enters every situation with a willing attitude and a dedication to do the job right, he understands it also requires being part of a team that is open to giving people opportunities to grow and mentor each other.

At Tilson, Logan found a culture that fit with his own personal philosophy, saying, “the culture within Tilson is the best I have ever been around. Everyone has always been willing to support you and Tilson culture always has each other’s backs.” While Tilson’s official tagline is “On a Mission,” Logan says that a close second would be his mantra of “People Helping People.”

For Logan, seeing the growth of those around him is the most rewarding part of his workday, “I absolutely love to work with people and help them become all they desire to be. I have always tried to be the change I wish to see in the world, and one of the biggest needs we have in this world is to have someone who can help us become more than we are. It’s not always easy and comfortable, but people helping people will always be at my core.”

To those looking to get into the telecom industry or make a career change, Logan points to two key attributes: Curiosity and grit. “You have to always be willing to learn something new, while at the same time recognizing that things often don’t go as planned; despite this, you have to be willing to see things through to completion.” To be successful in something, whether in telecom or in your personal life, you must “always be willing to learn and grow, while showing others grace as they do the same. Respecting others starts with enough self-awareness to know you don’t know everything and can always learn from someone else.”

Just like Logan, if you are opening to learning and leading with kindness, Tilson will provide a supportive environment to help you grow in your career. Our teams are made up of technicians, field workers, equipment operators, engineers, and project managers who come from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. We go out of our way to find, promote, and retain people who have the right attitude and mindset to help Tilson in our mission to complete meaningful telecommunications projects across the country.

In his personal life, Logan continues to live by his commitment to challenge himself. He has always been an athlete and is both an elite powerlifter and a competitive bodybuilder. Most days he is up at 3:30am to hit the gym before starting his workday. The thing he is most proud of, however, is being a great father to his kids. “Being a father is the greatest thing in the world to me and outside of work, I love to spend as much time as possible with my kids and wife,” said Logan.

If you are looking for a new career path in a growing and in-demand industry, have a willingness to learn, and a dedication to trying your best, Tilson has a place for you! You bring the curiosity and the grit, you’ll get the mentorship and training to help you succeed in your role.

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