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Tilson Tuesdays, Jason Taylor

For this week’s Tilson Tuesdays employee highlight, meet Jason Taylor!

Jason works remotely from Florida as an ETL Manager on Tilson’s Data and Analytics Systems team. In his role, Jason leads a team of construction IT consultants to create and deploy processes for enterprise resource planning platforms, or ERPs. He helps Tilson clients with smooth and successful data conversions when going from one ERP to another.

Jason appreciates that “the people at Tilson are excited about being part of a team and are willing to share what they know and lend a hand.” For the projects he’s been a part of, Jason valued the collaboration of everyone pulling together to meet client deadlines and scope.

When Jason has free time, he likes to travel and see new places. His most recent trip took him from his home in Florida to New York City, then west along the Lincoln Highway all the way to San Francisco, before returning to Florida. He has traveled to several locations in Asia and is planning for his next big trip to take him through Europe.

Fun fact: Jason transitioned from the common QWERTY keyboard to the Dvorak layout in 1998 and hasn’t looked back since.

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