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Tilson Selects and Implements New Safety Management Software in a Record Setting Six Months

By Tilson CIO, Jason Burns

With over 1,200 employees in 48 states, Tilson is an organically grown construction consulting and telecommunications services firm that is scaling at an unprecedented rate. The company is hiring over 100 employees each month with most of its workforce in the field. To scale and support an increased portfolio of national projects and safety operations, Tilson needed a new system management software across the entire organization that would improve safety reporting compliance and enhance visibility into field crew activities. Tilson’s own consulting team took on the task of managing the selection and implementation of the new safety management software, completing the process within six months.

Large-scale implementations such as this typically span a year or more for most organizations. However, in just six months, Tilson’s consulting team selected, built, implemented, and optimized a safety management system, HSI Donesafe, that replaced seven disparate data collection methods and centralized critical areas of data gathering. The six-month project timeline included eight weeks of selection and business analysis followed by a 15-week implementation phase. The completed transformation now allows Tilson employees full visibility of real-time data and removes information trapped in department siloes.

If your company is embarking on a similar journey to select and implement a scalable software solution, we identified five key factors that drive success:

  1. Rigorous Selection Process: Tilson’s Construction Consulting group led a thorough evaluation to identify the system that aligned with Tilson’s needs, both present and future. They conducted extensive business analysis to define our organization’s precise goals and requirements to then drive the selection process.
  2. Leadership Commitment: Tilson ensured full company leadership commitment and unwavering dedication to the project’s success. This provided the necessary support and resources for the implementation and aligned the entire company to the same goal.
  3. Internal Team Engagement: In addition to leadership commitment, Tilson’s internal teams were allocated ample time and personnel to concentrate on the solution. With this engagement, Tilson was able to successfully drive the ambitious timeline to fruition.
  4. Project Management Expertise: The Tilson team has extensive experience leading a diverse range of clients through software selection and implementation projects. We managed the HSI rollout with the same high standards and methodologies utilized for our consulting clients, ensuring streamlined processes and adherence to best practices.
  5. Laser-Focused Approach: With leadership commitment, engaged teams, and our proven methodologies, our project team maintained unwavering focus throughout the implementation process, maintaining clear objectives and avoiding unwanted distractions or delays.

Experience Success with Tilson

Our consulting teams are comprised of construction business analysts, technologists, and engineers with over 75 years combined experience providing the same proven approach for our clients that we trust for our own internal teams. When we say we know construction and its information systems, we mean it. This is just one example of how Tilson deeply understands the specifics of our clients’ challenges and we stand ready to replicate this success for your organization. Contact us today to discover how we can make a difference for your business.

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