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Lessons in Data-Centricity at AEC TechCon: Data Forms the Foundation for AI Tools

By Trudi Fenster, AVP Construction Technology Consulting

At the recent Architecture Engineering Construction Technology Conference (AEC TechCon), Tilson’s Construction Technology Consulting team joined experts in the construction industry to share the latest innovations for digital transformation. With 10 individual AEC TechCon presentations devoted to the topic of artificial intelligence, it was clear that AI was on everyone’s minds. Tilson’s CIO Jason Burns, however, presented the importance of building data-centric systems as a requisite for driving business growth. This data-centricity is essential for building a foundation capable of embracing the power of AI. In other words, the benefits of AI tools will only be as useful as the data behind the scenes.

Our biggest takeaway from the event was that companies need help to become data centric as they look to integrate new technologies such as AI and scale their business.

The Limit of AI Is Your Data

AI is being hailed as an answer to some of the construction industry’s toughest challenges, including labor shortages, project planning, risk mitigation, and cost and schedule overruns. For companies making the leap into AI, however, they need to be confident that the right information and data is driving AI outcomes. This is just one reason why embracing a data-centric approach is no longer an option but a necessity for companies striving to drive growth and stay relevant in today’s competitive landscape.

For example, AI relies on your data for machine learning models, predictive and descriptive analytics, and continuous learning. AI will perform better as your data becomes more comprehensive and diverse.

Beyond the benefits of AI, integrating information into a central data warehouse improves data quality and business intelligence across your company, leading to consistency, time savings, and a bigger ROI. As Tilson CIO Jason Burns shared in his AEC TechCon breakout session presentation, Innovation and Emerging Technology, Tilson experienced these benefits firsthand when we put data at the core of our own identity, decision-making, and planning. By being data-centric during a high-growth period, Tilson successfully scaled our workforce by over 500% in just 36 months, going from 300 employees to over 1,400 individuals.

Tilson isn’t just talking the talk, but we are leading by example by doing the work ourselves. As you look to integrate new technologies such as AI, we’re here to partner with you become a culture driven by data, resulting in better performance, improved ROI, and a competitive edge in the construction industry. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with our Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analytics experts to learn how we can support your digital transformation.

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