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Tilson Tuesdays, Crystal Kyles

For this week’s Tilson Tuesdays employee highlight, meet Crystal Kyles!

Crystal currently works as the Project Manager for Maintenance and has been with Tilson for nearly eight years. Located near Tilson’s headquarters in Portland, Maine, Crystal works remotely with the option to visit the office as she needs. In her role, she works closely with Tilson customers and acts as a liaison between clients and internal groups to ensure project success.

Crystal has been with Tilson since we were a small group of around 200 employees and has loved being part of the team as it has grown to the 1,200+ employees we have today.

“I have always said that I feel Tilson truly cares about their employees,” she stated, while sharing her own personal story with Tilson. Early in her career, she was preparing to go on maternity leave and take the (at the time) designated eight weeks of paid parental leave. The day before she left for leave, Crystal was pulled aside by CEO Josh Broder and HR. They let her know that they had determined eight weeks wasn’t enough and they were changing the company policy to give her 12 weeks instead. Since then, the policy has again been extended to provide 16 weeks of paid parental leave. This proactive move to put employees and new parents first solidified in Crystal’s mind that Tilson truly cared about the wellbeing of their employees.

Outside of work, Crystal enjoys spending time with her family. They keep active by playing sports, working out, and getting outside. To unwind, Crystal likes to go to local restaurants with her friends or see live music.

Fun fact: Crystal has now driven across the country twice. The first time was at age 19 when she packed whatever could fit into her car, grabbed enough change for tolls, and used AAA maps to get from Maine to California. Eight years later, she embarked on her second cross country voyage to make the reverse trip back to Maine.

We are so grateful that you have been and continue to be part of our team, Crystal, and appreciate all you do!

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