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Make Your Resume Stand Out, Tips from Tilson’s Recruiting Team

By Caitlyn Dyer, Talent Acquisition Specialist

Tilson has been on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies for 13 years in a row with no plans of slowing, which means we are constantly looking to hire new talent to support our mission building America’s information infrastructure. As a Talent Acquisition Specialist at Tilson, each day I may review upwards of 50 resumes. Between our team, that’s roughly 3,000 resumes per week in search of people with the right skills, desire, capability, and grit to join our growing team. Our approach? We’re looking at resumes with the goal of screening people in not eliminating people out. Here are some tips that will help us see you better.

While there is no universal format for resumes, you should group your details into some version of a few standard sections: Contact Information, Work History, and Education. Below are some tips for each of these 3 sections to help your resume stand out when applying for a role at Tilson or elsewhere:

Contact Information – Clear and Current

All contact information should be clear and correct – Double and triple check all contact information for accuracy and be sure all the details are current. If the details are not current by the time you speak with a recruiter, let them know immediately.

In addition, your name, phone number, email, city/state, and LinkedIn hyperlink (if you have an account) should all be easy to find and easy to read at the top of your resume. There’s no need to put your physical street address on your resume. We’ll only ever need your physical street address when we’re prepared to send you an offer letter. Long addresses may take up valuable real estate on a resume. Use your real estate more wisely.

Work History – Less Can Be More

Make sure your resume is easy to read and understand, no need to overcomplicate it! You don’t need to tell us everything you did in your previous roles – it’s more helpful instead to understand how well you did in your previous roles. Swap the long list of duties and responsibilities for a short description highlighting your key responsibilities, programs, software, and equipment you used, and at least two accomplishments that show us how you performed while in the role. These easy changes help us start an interview already knowing more about you and how you may be the right fit for a Tilson team.

Additionally, be sure you do include the accurate month and year for start and end dates of previous employment or positions you’ve held – For example, May 2018 – June 2023.

Education and Certifications – Setting Yourself Apart

Education takes many forms and isn’t limited to university degrees. Be sure to include any certifications or supplemental training you’ve completed on your resume. These experiences helped you get to where you are today. Don’t overlook the importance of how they help you stand out amongst other applicants.

Use these quick and simple tips to make your resume stand out and help you find a job that you’ll love. Tilson is hiring nationwide for a range of telecom, IT, engineering, and administrative roles and I encourage you to find your next role with Tilson.

Caitlyn Dyer

Caitlyn Dyer is a Talent Acquisition Specialist at Tilson specializing in outside plant construction and fiber infrastructure recruiting. Caitlyn excels at finding skilled and motivated people who work with purpose, mastery, and autonomy to join the team at Tilson.

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