Tilson Tuesdays, Lisa Fabricius

For this week's #tilsontuesdays employee highlight, meet Lisa!

Lisa is a HR Support Specialist on Tilson’s Workforce team, where she oversees the Tilson internship program, the USM Maine Economic Improvement Fund (MEIF) internship program, and the Tilson/Roux co-op program.

“I always love the summer internship program,” said Lisa. “I get to talk with very bright students that are beginning their work journey. They inspire me with their drive, empathy, and compassion to make a difference in the world!”

Outside of work, Lisa enjoys reading, gardening, working out, and traveling. Lisa started traveling the world when she was in college and has never stopped – she just recently came back from a 14-day trip to Zambia. Her favorite food is Italian, her favorite movie is “Gladiator”, and her favorite book is “Where the Crawdads Sing” by Delia Owens. Lisa is originally from Maryland, but she has been living in Maine for 14+ years with her husband and cat, Yazzy.

Fun Fact: Lisa has traveled to the South Georgia Island in the southern Atlantic Ocean on a Russian Ice Breaker to photograph hundreds of thousands of penguins!

We’re lucky to have you at Tilson, Lisa! Thank you for all your hard work.


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