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Putting Data at the Center of Your Construction Business for a Competitive Edge

By Tilson CIO Jason Burns

Your construction business isn’t as unique as you might think, and that’s a good thing! At the end of the day, construction companies share the same fundamental needs when it comes to their data: milestone tracking, budgeting, compliance, record keeping, and hitting deadlines. It’s how you select and implement the right software to handle these tasks that makes all the difference in a competitive industry like construction.

With decades of construction technology experience, we know construction. We’ve seen what makes companies succeed with their technology strategy while others fail. A common mistake our consultants have witnessed is that construction companies tend to over invest time and money into highly individualized software programs claiming to solve their “unique problems.” This is their downfall. These complex solutions lock organizations into the same system long-term, hindering future integrations and prohibiting companies from adopting emerging technologies as they become available. These custom-built solutions also age poorly and become cumbersome to manage and maintain over time.

The answer is to change your way of thinking and embrace a technology mindset that puts your data front and center, keeping you from being tied to a specific system. A data-centric model allows you to turn to off-the-shelf systems or standard products with very minimum customization. For example, in a data-centric model you do not need to force point solutions such as CRM, HCM or ESS into your accounting or ERP system. Instead, you integrate them into your data warehouse and then build your reporting and analytics around the data in one place as opposed to integrating your applications to each other, which can be complicated, expensive, and require significant customizations. With this model, you use the power of analytics and reporting to show one complete picture of your information without the long-term expense of forced application-to-application integrations. This approach still allows for a manageable level of customization while keeping your company nimble enough to integrate new systems or technologies, scale with your company’s growth, and adjust to changing markets. A data-first model is critical to navigating the many technology platforms available to you, ensuring you select and utilize the best solutions to achieve optimal results, today and in the future.

Your Trusted Digital Transformation Partner

This is where Tilson’s Construction Technology team leads construction companies to success. Unlike most tech partners that focus on specific software systems or that work for technology vendors, Tilson isn’t bound to any one platform. We’ve worked with the leading planning software tools in the industry and know which tools deliver the highest ROI. Our trusted consultants also provide honest guidance for successful selection and implementation.

Tilson’s technology consultants all come from the world of construction and have worked in ENR Top 400 companies (most from the top 25) with an average of 10 years in an operational or financial role prior to joining Tilson. Our team has an unparalleled level of expertise in the construction industry, including construction WIP, transmittals, project accounting, equipment, payroll, and inventory. We understand the data and processes that keep your business running and have insight into the latest technology tools to reach your goals.

Take control of your technology and adopt a data-centric model that sets your team apart, scales your business, stays flexible with changes in the market, and adapts and integrates the latest tools and technology such as cloud-based applications, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence.

Contact our technology experts today for a free consultation.

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