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More than Monitoring: Enhanced Network Operator Services from Tilson’s NOC

A Network Operations Center (NOC) is so much more than network monitoring. Of course, keeping a close eye on your network for potential or current issues is a critical component of what a NOC does, but network operators can and should leverage the full scope of network design services that an enhanced NOC offers.

Tilson’s NOC provides a range of operator services to design and deploy efficient network infrastructure. By combining our technical expertise, industry and business insights, and strategic planning experience, our NOC encompasses the below services to guarantee a robust, future-proof network.

  1. Assessment and Analysis: Tilson’s NOC fully evaluates your current network infrastructure to identify existing challenges, bottlenecks, and areas for improvement. We also assess and determine the technology requirements to support your organization’s future growth.
  2. Requirements Gathering: We take the time to fully understand your business goals and objectives. Tilson’s NOC determines the needs and expectations of all network users along with the applications and services that will run on the network.
  3. Topology Design: Using the determined requirements, Tilson plans the structure of your network, including any physical or cloud components, and the appropriate network topology (e.g., star, bus, ring, mesh). We also incorporate critical factors such as redundancy and fault tolerance into the design.
  4. Hardware and Software Selection: Our technology experts specify the networking equipment needed and select all the appropriate network protocols and software. Additionally, we ensure that all hardware and software components are compatible to create a seamless environment for your team.
  5. Scalability and Performance: We build networks both for today and for your future by designing networks that can easily scale and grow with your business. No matter how big you get, our NOC assesses bandwidth requirements and network traffic patterns to continually optimize performance. We plan for load balancing and resource allocation and perform day two operations of moves/adds/changes (MAC) orders.
  6. Documentation: Detailed documentation of the network design, including diagrams, configurations, and any other special considerations are all included as part of Tilson’s NOC design services. This documentation is an important reference for future work, maintenance, or troubleshooting.
  7. Implementation Planning: Tilson’s NOC develops an implementation plan and coordinates with IT staff and external vendors to minimize potential disruptions to ongoing operations as you deploy your network changes. Additionally, the new network design is completely tested and validated before full implementation.
  8. Monitoring and Optimization: We can’t talk about NOC services without mentioning monitoring services. Tilson’s NOC continually monitors and evaluates network performance, allowing for immediate response and corrective action for any issues. We also evaluate usage patterns and evolving business needs to continuously optimize your network.

Selecting and choosing a NOC service is more than just finding someone to passively monitor your network. Your NOC should be assessing all aspects of your network to make sure you design and deploy reliable, efficient, and future-focused infrastructure that meets usage needs both today and in the future. Tilson’s NOC includes engineers, IT professionals, construction managers, legal experts, and data analysts working together to provide a full suite of 24/7 NOC services under one trusted team.

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