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Tilson NOC Selected to Monitor and Maintain Statewide Fiber Optic Networks for the NCDOT


Tilson’s Network Operations Center (NOC) is providing monitoring and maintenance services for two statewide fiber optic networks along the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). One network will cover NCDOT’s traffic and communication systems, and the second network will improve communications across North Carolina, including high-speed broadband access that will benefit underserved communities. Commercialization of the latter network is led by Tilson Infrastructure, who is leasing dark fiber to service providers. To ensure uninterrupted service, Tilson’s NOC proactively monitors all aspects of the networks from the data integrity to the infrastructure, and quickly responds to maintenance issues.


The NCDOT network requires the management of data, monitoring of equipment, and the maintenance of infrastructure across the entire state of North Carolina. In addition, NCDOT utilizes a growing number of Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) such as real-time messaging signs, cameras, and lidar sensors to surveille and direct traffic. This diverse range and volume of systems across a large geographic area requires sophisticated automated monitoring to detect and resolve issues. Any service disruptions must be resolved as quickly as possible to keep motorists safe on the road, requiring constant monitoring and 24/7 maintenance response.

Adding complexity, commercializing the network to lease dark fiber requires further monitoring and communication systems for additional stakeholders. Tilson’s NOC ensures the infrastructure and systems are running reliably to meet the diverse needs of the network while also providing preventative and emergency maintenance.


Tilson’s NOC develops customized, end-to-end solutions matched to the unique needs of our clients. For NCDOT, the NOC team uses its proprietary suite of sensors, cameras, and out of band management capabilities to track the status of equipment and in-line amplification huts. Tilson’s intelligent site management tools allow remote monitoring of the precise environmental conditions and security of offsite locations.

Tilson created a customized process for maintenance tracking and notifications that would best resolve the challenges of recognizing and responding to maintenance needs across the expansive NCDOT network. With tailored KPIs, automated ticketing, and robust record keeping, Tilson’s NOC facilitates communication between NCDOT and their operations and maintenance (O&M) teams. Depending on the nature and location of required maintenance, the NOC team can roll out Tilson crews or provide the information to NCDOT’s own O&M group.

Once commercialized fiber is activated, Tilson’s NOC monitors fiber disruptions ranging from minor signal degradation to complete outages. With insight into every foot of the state-wide network, Tilson’s NOC will know the precise location and nature of the disruption and be able to respond immediately to resolve the issue.

The monitoring, reporting, site management, and maintenance provided by Tilson’s NOC will ensure NCDOT has enhanced visibility into the performance and the timely maintenance of their fiber networks for trustworthy broadband service, robust traffic management, and reliable dark fiber commercialization.

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North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT)


  • NCDOT needed a partner to monitor and maintain two statewide fiber optic networks, one to cover their traffic and communication systems and another network to improve communications across North Carolina

Solutions / Services

    • 24/7, 365 active network and infrastructure monitoring and reporting
    • Site testing, turn-up, and installation
    • Event/incident reporting and management
    • Preventative and emergency maintenance
    • Customized, turnkey NOC solutions

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