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6 Key Services Tilson’s NOC Provides Network Infrastructure Owners

By Bee Moua, Director of Network Operations Center

Ensuring the uptime of your physical and virtual server infrastructure is critical to the health and success of your business. If you do not have the in-house expertise or capabilities to monitor and maintain the day-to-day operations of your IT infrastructure, outsourcing a Network Operations Center (NOC) is critical to deliver high quality service to meet end user demands. Tilson’s NOC team provides key critical monitoring and maintenance services to outside plant (OSP) and infrastructure clients across the country including:

  1. Routing Critical Calls and Email: we serve as the primary point of contact to receive calls and emails related to network inquiries or issues, which are then promptly routed to the appropriate individuals or teams for resolution.
  2. Monitoring ILA Huts: an ILA (intermediate distribution frame) hut is a key component of network infrastructure. We monitor the temperature, humidity, power supply, and other environmental conditions of these huts around-the-clock to ensure the proper functioning and safety of the equipment within.
  3. Managing ILA Hut and Site Access Approval: for enhanced site security, we manage access to ILA huts and network sites, including approving access requests and maintaining security protocols per established client procedures.
  4. Coordinating NOC to NOC for Pole and Tower Attachments: coordination between NOCs is essential for managing attachments to utility poles, towers, and other infrastructure. We facilitate the communication and coordination between various network operators to ensure safe and compliant attachment practices.
  5. Responding to Fiber Breaks and Damage: in the event of a fiber break or other form of network damage, we swiftly respond to these incidents. This includes initiating the appropriate response teams, tracking the incident, and ensuring repairs or mitigation efforts are efficiently and fully completed.
  6. Managing Events After-Hours – 24/7/365 Support: network issues can occur at any time and Tilson’s NOC doesn’t sleep. Even for incidents outside of regular business hours, our team provides round-the-clock support and event management to address incidents and maintain network integrity during non-standard working hours.

Accelerate Growth and Increase Profitability with Tilson’s NOC Services

Tilson’s NOC plays a vital role in ensuring the reliability, security, and performance of network assets. Our ability to manage access, coordinate with other NOCs, respond to incidents, monitor environmental conditions, and facilitate network attachments guarantees a robust and resilient network infrastructure. We provide the same level of service and care for our clients that we give to our own affiliate company, Tilson Infrastructure. Find out how Tilson’s NOC can enhance your network infrastructure operations.

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