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Tilson’s NOC Provides Routine, Preventive, & Emergency Maintenance Services to Support Large-Scale Fiber Optic Network Projects


In 2021, Tilson partnered with Plenary Americas and Plenary Broadband Infrastructure (PBI) to operate, maintain, and commercialize network infrastructure and extend broadband capacity along 220 miles of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Supported by Tilson’s Network Operations Center (NOC), the large-scale fiber optic network provides increased broadband accessibility to unserved and underserved communities and supports advanced telecommunications applications for improved safety and mobility. Tilson’s NOC provides the monitoring and maintenance to ensure the 200+ mile network provides increased connectivity for the region, while also maintaining both the intelligent transportation and commercialization infrastructure to ensure high reliability for national, regional, and local providers.


The state-wide fiber network requires reliable monitoring and timely service to maintain 24/7 operations. Additionally, the needs of multiple stakeholders must be factored in. The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) relies on the fiber network to support critical highway systems such as CCTV and Intelligent Transportation System devices, while Tilson and Plenary Broadband relies on the infrastructure to support commercial lit fiber services for regional telecom operators and consumers. The NOC services provided by Tilson are responsible for monitoring, sourcing, and coordinating maintenance work in a timely manner that will adhere to strict service level agreements (SLA) set forth by multiple stakeholders.


Tilson’s NOC brings the essential tools, systems, and processes to ensure reliable operations of the fiber network and has the local presence to respond quickly for routine, preventive, and emergency maintenance. The PTC network will feature new Corning G.652 fiber, making lit 10G/100G and dark fiber available. Along the 220-mile fiber project, five inline amplifier (ILA) huts will be outfitted with the NOC’s Intelligent Site Monitoring (ISM) package that includes cameras, environmental monitoring, smoke alarms, HVAC sensors, and physical access for personnel. The NOC will also be responsible for creating work orders and dispatching field crews for maintenance and has a call center for all customer-facing events. Dashboards, KPI tracking, and overall system health reporting provided by the NOC will ensure SLA requirements are met. 

The result is a reliable fiber network that supports critical highway systems along the Pennsylvania Turnpike, allows for commercial lit fiber services, and reaches underserved areas with high-speed broadband access. In 2023, Tilson and Plenary Americas expanded the partnership for an additional 276 miles to be serviced by Tilson’s NOC.

How can Tilson’s NOC help your network?


Plenary Americas and Plenary Broadband Infrastructure (PBI)


  • Plenary Americas and Plenary Broadband Infrastructure (PBI) needed a partner to operate, maintain, and commercialize network infrastructure and extend broadband capacity along 220 miles of the Pennsylvania Turnpike

Solutions / Services

  • National footprint of design-build, engineering, and IT infrastructure maintenance services
  • 24×7 Monitoring and U.S. based call center
  • Real-time active network monitoring
  • Essential status and metrics on critical networks and services using custom dashboards
  • Event, incident, problem handling, maintenance and change management
  • Industry standard processes and workflows

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