Tilson is on a mission to build America’s information infrastructure.


As a leading network design, build, and operating firm, Tilson builds high-performing technology project teams who take on the largest and most impactful information infrastructure projects in the country. Recognized ten consecutive years on the Inc. 5000, Tilson provides network development and information infrastructure professional services to telecom, construction, utility and government clients. Our team environment fosters intellectual curiosity, motivates employees, and cultivates talented people who work with purpose, mastery and autonomy. We strive to listen to our clients, partner with them as a team, and accept their goals as our own.


We will run our business sustainably, for its financial health, its people and the public good. We believe in:

  • Safety. Above bottom line. Cutting corners is never an option.
  • Integrity. We do what is right, even if doing so puts us at a temporary disadvantage.
  • Accountability. Everyone at Tilson is accountable for the work we do as a whole.
  • Professionalism. Be trusted by our clients to be their "get it done" team.
  • Respect. For our employees, clients, and partners.
  • Composure. We are comfortable in chaos and trust that we will always find a way through any challenge.


Providing turn-key connectivity solutions.

Our teams have extensive experience designing, building, and maintaining telecommunications networks using both wireless and fiber technologies in a variety of applications and for clients including governments, carriers, and service providers. Our depth of in-house capabilities allows us to participate in many projects from conception and planning through engineering and construction and ongoing maintenance.                                     

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Helping clients maximize their software investments to deliver project success.

Tilson has a seasoned team of construction and software industry professionals that know construction and the information systems our clients rely on to make them competitive. Because our people came from the markets we serve, large general contractors, specialty trades, and software suppliers such as CMiC, Viewpoint and Procore, we can quickly understand the specifics of our clients' challenges and begin work on solutions faster.

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