Business Intelligence AND Analytics

Know what is happening with your data.

Why BI?

Accurate Data, Accurate Decision-Making

A business intelligence (BI) tool allows you to see, present, and share key insights at a high level across your organization by harnessing data across different systems. This real-time picture gives you the essential information you need to make efficient and accurate business decisions. Contact our team of experts to learn more about how a business intelligence system can set your organization up for success.


Why Tilson?

Our Data Expertise

Tilson has a proven track record working with top of the line industry construction management software, including Viewpoint, CMiC, SAGE 300, and ProCore, giving you an accurate picture of your information across your existing software. 

Our Industry Expertise

As a company with construction crews on the ground ourselves, Tilson is deeply familiar with the unique challenges construction teams face and the solutions that will set your team up for success.

A Dedicated Practice

Tilson’s Business Intelligence and Analytics practice is a dedicated segment of our Construction Information Technology team, exclusively specializing in implementing and upgrading business intelligence solutions for our clients.

Our Proven Track Record

Tilson has a proven track record of IT consulting for the construction industry, dedicated to optimizing our clients’ systems and setting them up for success. View our case studies here.  


Try it Out

Results in One Week

Let us prove the ROI of a business intelligence investment for your company with results as fast as one week. Allow us the opportunity to connect Power BI to your data systems and we will create some specific insights related to a need within your organization. Contact us for more information on this offer and to discuss your specific goals.

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