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Turning Data into Insights

Tilson’s Business Intelligence (BI) team outlines how enterprise analytics platforms give construction companies the competitive edge they need.

Competing in a Big Data World

In recent years, technology has enabled data collection in volumes we have never seen before, and business managers now face a widening breadth of what they can measure and assess. But by itself, data is just data; we need analytics to take that data and transform it into discernable business insights. This task is made easier by a sophisticated analytics platform.

Such platforms pull real-time data such as contracting, forecasting, and workforce management levels to help answer key questions such as:

Enterprise analytics software provides answers to these key questions and helps you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Enterprise Analytics Software

Analytics platforms process information faster and more accurately than manual processes. In addition to ingesting massive amounts of data and performing complex calculations, they can also present those results via visualizations that are much simpler to interpret and use for critical business decisions.

Analytics platforms are available through major software providers including Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, and Salesforce, with more and more having a SaaS option (Software as a Service). Choosing the appropriate platform involves (among other things) weighing capabilities, potential outputs, customizations, and user experience. After selecting your platform, it is important to successfully integrate into your systems to get the most accurate, real-time data.

Tilson’s Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics Consulting Services

Whether you are just getting a BI system off the ground or are looking to optimize an existing system, Tilson’s seasoned team of construction and software industry professionals are here to help. Our expert consultants can create custom dashboards, integrate your data, and train your team so you can get the insights you and your business needs. Contact us for a free personalized consultation.

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