Financial Strategy Made Simple

Unlock financial insights with the Prophix financial performance platform. From forecasting and resource planning to budgeting and job costs, Prophix is an easy to navigate tool that empowers financial reporting and strategies. Prophix integrates seamlessly with your existing ERPs and is the cost-effective way to consolidate and automate your data. Trust Tilson to provide a customized and complete Prophix implementation that reveals the power of your financial data.

Trust the Construction Data Experts

Tilson’s expertise in selecting, building, and deploying a range of best-in-class ERP solutions for the construction industry guarantees we will seamlessly onboard Prophix with your existing or planned ERP platforms. We understand the architecture, workflows, and metrics that matter to you for a Prophix integration that is easy to navigate while saving time and resources. Once we’re done, you’ll have Prophix up and running without the need for your own in-house Prophix team.

Speak with Tilson’s Prophix Experts

Learn if Prophix is the right tool for you. Speak with a Tilson expert today about how Prophix can help automate and integrate your financial data.

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