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Tilson’s team of networking professionals brings decades of experience providing network services deployment and maintenance, as well as software development and IT consulting to electric, water and gas utilities nationwide.

Our Services


Tilson provides networking services to electric companies for all smart grid applications, including automated metering infrastructure (AMI), distribution automation of substations and reclosers, substation connectivity, cellular integration, demand limitation and response, and voltage sensing. We design, implement and maintain systems that provide fixed point, two-way communications allowing for safe remote monitoring of distribution system components, and meter reading that increases operational efficiencies. Our experience in wireless networking and our ability to access infrastructure on utility poles, rooftops and communications towers gives us an edge when it comes to deploying wireless infrastructure for electric utilities. Our real estate team assists in obtaining leases and permits where necessary, and can leverage relationships with national tower owners to avoid delays in accessing infrastructure. Tilson has completed several complicated software development and integration projects as well for large investor owned utilities, including customer portals for AMI interval data, net metering applications, green button application, and MDM database administration and reporting.


Tilson provides RF design and network implementation services to water companies that allows them to remotely monitor water distribution systems through automatic metering infrastructure (AMI). Our team of RF engineers, technicians and tower climbers can design, install and maintain water monitoring networks, improving customer efficiencies, asset management and conserving resources. Tilson also offers real estate services including leasing and permitting for network components and wireless support structure portfolio management for customers who own water tanks with wireless installations, or those who wish to market their tanks for wireless applications. Our portfolio management services include marketing to new tenants, lease renewals, rent escalations, rent collection, permitting, and FAA/FCC compliance.


Tilson provides RF design and network implementation that provides gas utilities with automated metering infrastructure and two-way communications that both monitor and control gas distribution devices. Tilson has RF engineers with the experience to design complex, fixed-point networks that provide our customers with the ability to remotely monitor consumer usage, lowering their operational and maintenance costs and ensuring safe operation. Our RF technicians and tower climbers provide installation and maintenance of all network devices, ensuring network reliability and minimal down time. Our real estate team can provide all leases, permits and real estate entitlements necessary for network deployment. We bring creative solutions to siting with our industry-leading knowledge of right-of-way use and our relationships with public utilities and utility pole owners.


When creative solutions for change are required, industry standards are just the starting line. We push the limits on technology, set new standards, and have a long track record of fulfilling on promise.

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