Viewpoint Success Program

Tilson’s annual Viewpoint Success Program provides year-round support, training, and expertise to achieve your strategic Viewpoint goals.

Maximize Your Software Investment

​Tilson recognizes that sometimes the way to get ahead is not another long painful software implementation, but a strategic maintenance and retrofit plan for the software you already have. With Tilson’s new Viewpoint Success Program, our expert construction IT consultants partner with your organization to identify opportunities, architect solutions, and drive change for one fixed annual fee. 

to discuss your specific Viewpoint goals. 

Tilson Construction IT

Program Benefits

With Tilson’s Viewpoint Success Program, you can:

  • Keep your Viewpoint strategy and goals on track despite turnover or organizational changes.
  • Create a cohesive strategic roadmap to align stakeholders across your organization.
  • Identify new opportunities to accomplish your company’s specific goals.
  • Bolster your team’s Viewpoint knowledge.
  • Proactively (instead of reactively) identify roadblocks and potential solutions.

Contact us to learn more about how our Viewpoint Success Program can help you identify opportunities, architect solutions, and drive change for your organization.

What’s Included

For one fixed annual fee, you will gain an experienced and dedicated partner to deliver long-term technology success. Each year that you enroll in the program, you will obtain the following:

  1. A Viewpoint Strategist who will assist your team in developing a customized Viewpoint roadmap.
  2. Quarterly meetings to track your team’s progress against goals and reassess strategy.
  3. Customized training program for your Viewpoint team developed by Tilson’s senior Viewpoint consultants.
  4. Year-end analysis of project status, next steps, and lessons learned.

Contact our experts to discuss how enrolling in Tilson’s Viewpoint Success Program can help your construction company successfully achieve your strategic ERP goals.

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Tilson Construction IT

Tilson’s Construction IT Expertise

Since 1996, Tilson has been providing technology solutions that help commercial construction companies deliver to their customers, employees, and stakeholders. As a technology-neutral consultant, we can provide the best solutions based on your specific needs. We offer:

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