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Tilson Infrastructure has partnered with Plenary Broadband Infrastructure (PBI) to maintain, operate, and develop network infrastructure and extend broadband capacity along 220 miles of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Supported by Tilson’s real-estate entitlement, engineering, construction, and operational capabilities, Tilson Infrastructure develops, owns, and commercializes dark fiber by leasing capacity to carriers and wireless broadband/internet service providers. 

We collaborate with State DOT’s, Utility, Energy and organizations requiring design, build, operation and commercialization of dark fiber to generate new revenue for their organizations throughout the U.S. Learn more about our dark fiber solutions.

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In April 2021, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) began construction of the 220-mile fiber optic project along the eastern part of the mainline Turnpike to enhance its communications capacity. From the Harrisburg East Interchange (I-76 and I-276) to the Delaware River Bridge (I-95), and the entire Northeastern Extension (I-476) starting from the Mid-County Interchange to the Clarks Summit Interchange is collectively known as the PTC’s Eastern Network.

Please contact John Romagnoli, General Manager of Infrastructure Networks, to request a map of the network.

The network will increase bandwidth and boost connectivity between the agency’s administrative buildings and support automated tolling capabilities and other advanced telecommunications applications for improved customer safety and mobility. The 220-mile fiber optic network will extend broadband to unserved and underserved areas and generate non-toll revenue through the unique public and private sector partnership.

Pennsylvania Turnpike


PA Turnpike Partners with Broadband Infrastructure Experts
Tilson Partners with Plenary Americas to Enhance Communications Capacity Along the Pennsylvania Turnpike

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“This unique partnership will produce a fiber-optic infrastructure that will become an essential element for roadway monitoring and surveillance, allowing us to enhance safety and improve incident response on our system and well as set a foundation for rural broadband,” said PA Turnpike CEO Mark Compton. “It’s an important component of the PA Turnpike’s continuing efforts to move our intelligent transportation systems forward, as well as to prepare for connected and automated vehicles to benefit not only customers and employees but also emergency responders and neighbors.”

For more information regarding the Pennsylvania Turnpike please visit their website to learn more.

“Plenary Broadband Infrastructure is proud to be partnering with the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission to increase broadband capacity and accessibility through an innovative, long-term partnership,” said Ed Dice, Director of Project Delivery for Plenary Americas. “Our team is committed to providing reliable and highly responsive network services for the benefit of all Turnpike users and the broader Pennsylvania market.”

Plenary Broadband Infrastructure, LLC (PBI) earned an exclusive agreement with the PTC to assume operations and maintenance responsibility of the fiber optic network along the Pennsylvania Turnpike. For more information regarding Plenary please visit their website to learn more. 

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