Rights and Real Estate for Pole Ownership

Tilson, through its affiliate SQF, LLC, has a growing portfolio of wooden, metal and decorative stealth structures supporting small cell, DAS, AMI, IOT and wi-fi applications. SQF is a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) or Competitive Access Provider in all 50 states. We specialize in providing any element of our clients’ infrastructure – poles, towers, bundled dark fiber and wireless networks.

We leverage our deep experience working with communities to guide municipalities though the siting process and secure underlying rights.  Tilson deploys innovate strategies to maximize aesthetics and minimize the impact of construction.  We offer flexible ownership structures for poles, fiber, hub sites, and wireless networks.

Our Projects

Replacing a Challenging Wood Pole

A wireless carrier wanted to use an existing wooden utility that was in poor repair. After extensive investigation, we determined that the pole was municipally-owned. The municipality did not object to the installation of a DAS node on its pole but did not want to deal with the hassle of replacing and maintaining the pole. The municipality entered into an agreement with SQF transferring ownership of the pole to SQF and granting us the authority to operate in the municipality’s right-of-way. SQF replaced the pole and installed the carrier node on the replacement pole. Along the way we addressed engineering challenges of replacing the pole immediately adjacent to a canal.

Upgrading a Light Fixture

A wireless carrier had a search area for a oDAS node on a private street with underground utilities. Although there were no wooden utility poles, the street was lighted with several cobra head style light fixtures. Tilson, through SQF, approached the property owner and negotiated an agreement for SQF to remove one existing light fixture and replace it with an SQF-owned stealth light fixture concealing a oDAS node. Tilson obtained zoning approval for a custom-designed fixture manufactured to conceal the oDAS node and blend into the streetscape. The luminaire from the existing light fixture was transferred to the new SQF fixture, allowing the new structure to blend in seamlessly.

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