Network Deployment

Tilson Designs and Builds Fiber and Wireless Networks


Our People

Tilson brings its long tenured and experienced team of employee designers, engineers, and technicians from offices around the country to each project. Our team is committed to working together as a team and maintaining their composure even in the face of project challenges.

Our Approach

At Tilson we believe that there is not a “one size fits all” solution to our customers' needs. We listen and find a way to get the job done using bright, creative people, organized in manageably sized teams, operating with both autonomy and corporate resources and support. Whether that means rapid deployment to meet a deadline or to resolve a network outage, a quick ramp-up to take on a large-scale project, or providing innovative solutions to difficult infrastructure deployment, the Tilson team can find a solution to meet any customer demand.

Network Deployment Services


Tilson has the people, knowledge, experience, and technology necessary to provide our clients with end-to-end, full turn-key fiber network design and construction.

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02.Outdoor Small Cell

Tilson is an expert in small cell and oDAS technologies that enhance coverage and capacity in places where the network performance may be compromised and where connectivity is critical.

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03.In Building Coverage

Tilson has worked with carriers, neutral host providers and building owners to design and install robust iDAS systems that solve connectivity issues and provide seamless in-building wireless coverage.

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04.Tower Services

Tilson offers tower development, site acquisition, engineering, construction and maintenance services for wireless service providers, tower developers/owners, and OEMs.

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05.Pole Ownership

Tilson has a growing portfolio of wooden utility poles and decorative stealth structures (both lighted and unlighted) supporting small cell and oDAS installations.

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06.Intelligent Transportation

Tilson builds fiber and wireless networks for highway and rail operators nation-wide as a designer, design builder, consulting engineer, and general contractor.

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Tilson offers a range of telecom and IT services to power, water, and gas utilities, implementing and maintaining smarter generation, transmission and distribution facilities.

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08.Maintenance Services

Tilson provides maintenance services for wireless carriers, neutral host providers, wireless internet service providers, municipal, state and federal government agencies and OEMs.

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Case studies

When creative solutions for change are required, industry standards are just the starting line. We push the limits on technology, set new standards, and have a long track record of fulfilling on our promises. Browse all of our case studies here.

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