Supply Chain Operations

Supply Chain Management Solutions

Tilson Technology Management offers a range of supply chain management solutions across the construction, telecom, and government sectors. Tilson provides end-to-end process management from procurement and purchasing, through warehouse management, inventory control, quality assurance, compliance, logistics and reporting. Tilson focuses on reducing the complexity of our customers' supply chains by integrating the many different participants, processes and systems. Using industry best practices, Tilson's services can be provided on a full turn-key basis, in a fixed service type agreement, or an on-demand basis with specific supply chain projects managed by work orders.

Purchasing and Inventory Control

Tilson designs and implements industry proven best practices that enable our customers to reduce costs, optimize purchasing activity as well as inventory management.  Areas of expertise include:  

  • Strategic sourcing and category management  
  • Fair and reasonable pricing  
  • Supplier managed inventory
  • Vendor due diligence and performance management  
  • Demand planning and replenishment  
  • Inventory reporting
  • Expediting
  • Customer defined QA standards and testing
  • Integration solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems

Business Intelligence Reporting and Government Compliance

Tilson works with our customers to develop robust business intelligence reporting with the goal of end-to-end supply chain optimization. Our approach focuses on converting raw data into actionable information and ensuring that that information is being distributed to the right team members at the right time in a consumable format. Tilson’s culture of safety and compliance extends to all of our customer engagements. Tilson develops guidelines with our customers to ensure adherence to government or industry specific compliance and safety standards: 

  • MSDS management  
  • Safety and Health Programs  
  • Third party certification
  • Import, export and health certificates
  • Lot testing and QA compliance

Warehouse and Logistics Management

Tilson provides turn-key warehouse and logistics management including:

  • Setup and maintain secure, OSHA compliant warehousing solutions
  • Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) implementation and customization  
  • Establish and maintain competing networks of logistics providers  
  • Asset management and fleet maintenance operations

Supply Chain Visibility

Tilson delivers integrated technology  solutions to customers that provide end-to-end  in-transit visibility and reporting.

Tilson provides accurate real time visibility into customer supply chains by leveraging location tracking/RFID, advance shipping notification, EDI integration with supplier and transportation provider systems.

Our Projects

DOD Global IT Supply Chain

Project management, software design/development, integration and infrastructure consulting on a Department of Defense global IT supply chain system project that includes installations/connectivity in several countries, warehouse management system implementation, client and supplier web portal creation, and mobile application development. This system was later licensed to entities such as Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (DSCP), the General Services Administration (GSA) and DynCorp International.

Application for Tire Retailer

A custom web-based consumer and dealer order management application for a New England chain of tire retailers. This twelve month engagement resulted in a full-featured dealer portal through which buyers at various locations can manage inventory without paper or the need to interact verbally with the wholesaler. This extremely successful product has completely streamlined a once cumbersome process, saved time and money, and has been received with great enthusiasm from both the client and their customers alike.

Building condition and materials analysis tool

A building condition and materials analysis tool for a European client. This tool provides a simple method of entering subjective building and materials rating-data into a database, which is then used to generate reports for the end customer. This tool has been very popular among the client’s customers—who largely work in the housing, construction and insurance industries—who use it to calculate risk and potential future costs for the maintenance and upkeep of commercial and residential properties.

Global Logistics and Procurement System

One of our notable projects was delivering a global logistics/procurement system for supply chain management to a top military contractor responsible for feeding and equipping our military across the globe, including in combat zones. We developed a web-based software platform integrated with a mobile application, which is used by military units in the field for procurement, vendor management and customer service. The software automates many tasks in the procurement process, including:

  • Vendor selection and due diligence
  • Master item catalog management (with flexible item attributes)
  • RFQ generation
  • Logistics management
  • Management of customized freight estimates
  • Quote consolidation
  • Customer visibility to the sourcing process

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