Strategy is About Profits & Winning

Strategy consulting is the industry and practice of assisting businesses with high-level decisions that enable them to earn the highest possible profits and beat the competition. Strategy is distinct from tactical operations in that strategy addresses the question, “What do we do?”, while tactics addresses the question, “How do we do it?”  A strategic question might be “What should we do to differentiate ourselves from the competition?”, while a tactical question might be, “How can we operate our warehouse the most efficiently?” Tactical questions cover many gaps and siloes throughout the organization and seek to find answers to address to the “operational how-to” that drive clarity and optimization in business process and technology decisions. Strategic questions operate at a higher level, prioritizing resources among the competing demands to maximize shareholder wealth.

Why do Companies Hire Strategy Consulting Firms?

  • Strategy is often stated as a company’s number one priority, however day to day operations end up being the overriding focus.  
  • A consulting firm provides a level of perspective that removes internal bias and offers an alternative evaluation and view in addition to checks and balances that mitigate engrained thinking patterns.  
  • Additional expertise can offer valuable input to provide assurances when companies are making significant changes, such as the shutdown of an office or production facility or expansion into a new market. 
  • Having an outside perspective or focused expertise in a specific area can be invaluable in bringing relevant facts to the forefront and overcoming organizational politics.   
  • Strategy consultants can operate in a “clean room” environment, receiving data from stakeholders to analyze and identify gaps and synergize opportunities.  
  • The most valuable perspective is often one that is furthest from the problem.

Our Services

  • Growth and Expansion – We help companies identify means to expand their core competencies and prioritize investments and resources in concert with competing demands to maximize shareholder value.
  • Corporate Strategy – Corporate strategy involves a set of actions to transform disparate business units into an integrated value stream, each positioned with a distinct competitive advantage.  
  • Digital Transformation – We help companies develop digital strategies that deliver on core strategy. We enable organizations to operate faster and smarter by blending a practical set of near-term, high-impact, quick wins with a clear vision for maintaining a steady pace of digital innovation to ensure currency with industry changes as they happen.  
  • Innovation – Tilson works with clients to drive innovation in product development and makes ideas actionable by combining business acumen and analytic approaches.

Our Projects

MaineToday Media

Tilson provided strategic planning services to MaineToday Media, a large Portland, Maine-based communications and publishing company. By interviewing all key personnel and IT staff, researching their current IT capabilities and security needs, Tilson was able to understand the current challenges of the organization and provide valuable strategic guidance to senior management. Tilson identified deficiencies that were limiting production, potential income and future growth. Our team provided management with a well-documented strategic plan, complete with recommendations, risk levels, costs and expected level of effort. This has become a living document which continues to guide the organization and its initiatives.

DOD Veterans Affairs

Tilson was retained by the State of Maine Department of Defense Veterans Affairs Emergency Management, Maine Military Authority to review, analyze and provide recommendations for automating their existing manual business processes and legacy network. Our team interviewed, documented and provided strategic recommendations for system requirements. We furthered these strategic services by conducting a structured vendor selection to evaluate proposed Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) system solutions and guided them to making a system selection. In addition, Tilson analyzed their current network connectivity and provided recommendations and guidance for better connecting their facilities.

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