Software Development

Customized Development for your specific needs

Tilson offers a range of full-stack software development services using our US-based team of project managers, system architects, and software developers. Our technical consultants immerse themselves in our client’s requirements and take the time necessary to understand their specific mission.  Commonly offered using an Agile SCRUM methodology, our software development services span a broad range of programming technologies due to the experience and versatility of our development team.

Our Approach

Tilson works closely with our development clients to architect tailored software solutions that meet project objectives. The integrated services approach of Tilson’s software development team fuses together project administration, oversight, strategy, development and support services to offer a comprehensive and turn-key option for application management. This approach is coupled with our team’s extensive industry experience to offer Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) services that offer software application support throughout the entire lifespan of an application. We have the skillsets in-house that can support activities from product development all the way through to deployment and continued maintenance and support.

Our Capabilites

Additionally, Tilson develops mobile applications on Android and iPhone platforms. We have the capabilities to develop mobile applications from the ground up and we provide all the services needed to build, test, deploy and maintain custom mobile applications. Our team has successfully designed, developed and deployed mobile applications to Google Play and the Apple App Store and we take pride in our ability to emphasize and actualize what makes our clients apps exceptional.

Our Projects

Broadway HD

Tilson was engaged by a private NY-based firm to design, develop and maintain an online streaming service that features filmed and live Broadway performances called BroadwayHD. Tilson designed a web-based application framework that was capable of delivering a top-quality streaming service and overlaid a simple and intuitive user interface. Additionally, Tilson architected an application infrastructure that was scalable and robust, yet easy to maintain and document. BroadwayHD graduated from a web-only experience and, with Tilson’s assistance, developed and deployed a suite of mobile (iOS and Android) and set-top (Roku and AppleTV) applications to enhance the user experience. Tilson partnered with BroadwayHD throughout each aspect of the application development process and continues to support the entire BroadwayHD ecosystem to this day.

Order management application for a tire retail chain

This twelve-month engagement resulted in a full-featured dealer portal through which buyers at various locations can manage inventory without paper or the need to interact verbally with the wholesaler. This extremely successful product has completely streamlined a once cumbersome process, saved time and money, and has been received with great enthusiasm from both the client and their customers alike.

building condition & materials analysis tool

This tool provides a simple method of entering subjective building and materials rating-data into a database, which is then used to generate reports for the end customer. This tool has been very popular among the client’s customers—who largely work in the housing, construction and insurance industries—who use it to calculate risk and potential future costs for the maintenance and upkeep of commercial and residential properties.

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