Program Management Office (PMO)

The Pace of Technology Will Never be as Slow as it is Today

The evolution of technology has forever changed the way we look at IT organizations. Once upon a time an IT department resided within an organization to design, manage and control infrastructure costs and provide backend solutions to meet the needs of the business. With the evolution of cloud applications that support the businesses and backend infrastructure requirements, the role of IT has dramatically evolved and the need for an infrastructure-based IT organization has diminished.

Why do Most Companies Struggle to Develop Their Technology Roadmap?

Lack of a Clear Vision

  • What does each functional area need to be successful?
  • What are our common goals and objectives?

Gaps in Organizational Structure & Skills

  • Focused entirely on near term operations
  • Lacking key roles to provide dedication to strategic planning for long term objectives

Poor End to End Governance & Process Definition

  • Short on key management tools to drive “portable” methodology for IT end-to-end process integration
  • Need for process definition around rules of engagement and gate points

Inadequate Performance Measurement & KPIs

  • Poor supplier performance measurements
  • SLAs driving accountability and cost impacts

Our Services

These challenges have created the need for many organizations to reassess the way they view IT. Our team assists clients in all phases of a program or project life cycle. Our support enables our clients to achieve on time, on budget project objectives that address both the short and long terms goals of enterprise-centric initiatives using the following approaches.

Standard IT PMO Development  

  • Project life cycle processes and artifact templates implemented
  • Finance, vendor management office, and architecture assessments
  • Monitoring of project metrics
  • Tactical project management
  • Portfolio review and prioritization

Comprehensive IT PMO

  • Inclusive of enhancement and O&M projects
  • Enhanced project lifecycle managemnt processes and tools
  • Project costs and benefits (ROI) managed for all of IT
  • Projects delivered on time and on budget
  • Strategic project management
  • IT governance board
  • Established as center of excellence

Enterprise Technology PMO

  • IT PMO as center of excellence
  • Organizational PMO is established in collaboration with technical teams and other business units
  • Improved ROI
  • Partner for prioritization and management of companywide portfolio
  • Strategic advisory board
  • Functional governance boards
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