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World-class leadership at an affordable price.

As a well-respected technology services company with years of experience specializing in the telecom, construction, technology, and other industries, Tilson understands the importance of quality senior technology leadership at the highest level. We also recognize the cost barrier that such executive leadership presents for small and medium-sized businesses, and we have designed a service to help. Tilson’s Fractional CIO service offers a part-time senior technology executive in the role of a fractional CIO to provide world-class IT executives for an affordable price. This retained service empowers small and medium-sized businesses to fully leverage their technology capabilities and maximize their ROI.

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Why Fractional CIO?


  • For most organizations, a fractional senior technology executive is more cost-effective than funding a full-time position.
  • A consistent cost allows you to easily scale your use of fractional services, budgeting a certain amount of work-hours per month.
  • A fractional service provides access to the same knowledge and experience on an affordable basis.
  • An experienced executive can assess your business initiatives and align technology portfolios to create and maintain a competitive advantage, recommend cost savings, and decrease overhead.


Dedicated resources

  • Your technology executive is backed by Tilson’s full IT consulting team, who are available to provide additional resources and consulting when needed.
  • Our consulting expertise is based on decades of real-world experience in the construction, telecom, technology, and other industries.
  • Our teams are responsive to your immediate and long-term needs and goals, offering timely results and expertise.


  • Our continued consulting engagement depends on our ability to deliver results, so we are incentivized to achieve your technology goals on time and within budget.
  • We work efficiently to create systems that will maximize your organization’s growth.  
  • Our teams offer a neutral third-party perspective on challenges facing your organization and can provide unbiased solutions that are informed by years of experience in many different organizations.



Why Tilson?

Our world-class fractional CIOs (fCIOs) partner with your team to deliver overall strategy, thought leadership, and oversight to execute your technology goals, creating transformational change for your organization:

  • Strategic technology planning and roadmap development that aligns with key business objectives and drives ROI.
  • Executive oversight and decision making, allowing in-house IT staff to address day-to-day needs.
  • IT budget development, management, and resource planning.
  • Strategic vendor maintenance.
  • Development and management of talent.  
  • Access to exclusive in-depth industry research.
  • Execution of application SDLC, procurement, maintenance, quality, and data management.




Tilson’s Technology Leadership Services provides your businesses with the executive technology leadership they need to scale and succeed. For an affordable price, our experienced executives drive transformational change for our clients, leveraging technology to maximize ROI, align teams, and achieve results.


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