Data Migration

Don’t Just Move Your Data, Improve it

Data migration is one of the most important components of software implementation. It also can be the source of many problems if done incorrectly. A well-designed and implemented system will only deliver the information it was meant to provide if the data is properly stored and available. Tilson uses a structured approach to the data conversion process that allows us to produce a more predictable schedule and quality result. Our goal is not simply to move your data but to improve the quality of the data, allowing you to move forward with your new software without dragging along the baggage of your legacy application. We know how to execute this all-important part of the implementation, so your implementation team can focus on what they know best: your company’s business.

Data Migration Services

Data Conversion Management

Moving data from your existing system to your new system can be extremely challenging. Determining what data to convert (and how much of it) can be difficult. We assist in helping you scope this effort and also managing the process to prepare you for the live data cutover.

Data Conversion

We provide turn-key data conversion services from planning and scope management to final load and validation assistance. Management and execution of your data migration is our mission.

System Cutover Planning

A detailed plan by system (existing and new), module, and transaction type helps simplify the transition from your existing system and the activation of the new system. We offer expert guidance in defining and scheduling cutover tasks, including interim processing rules, to create a blueprint for system cutover activities.

System Cutover Assistance

At system cutover time, it is important that activities happen in a sequence and are approved as successfully completed. We assist in coordinating these activities including defining and scheduling cutover activities, supervising data conversion verification activities, supervising input of manual items, and preparing jobs for live processing.

Data Migration Workshops

If you already have technical and business savvy IT personnel and want to perform the data migration yourself, we can jump-start that effort with workshops that are designed to get the project moving by sharing techniques, tips and methods. We help you get started, then leave you to complete the work, while still making ourselves available if your team hits a roadblock.

Our Data Migration Process

Our structured approach to data migration mitigates the schedule uncertainty associated with data conversion that so often derails the project timeline. We work with your team to develop the scope, map, extract, transform, load and audit the data. Our turn-key Data Conversion Services take the bulk of the migration effort off of your company’s task list. Our process involves your experts where appropriate, to transform and migrate the data in a manner that supports your new application’s design and function.

Data migration flow chart

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