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Tilson has a dedicated segment of our Construction Data Services team that focuses solely on Reporting and Business Analytics. Our team has experience with Jasper Reports & Dashboards, Oracle Reports, MIPs, Power BI, Form Letters, Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services, QlikView, Periscope Data and several other analytics tools. The team is comprised of Project Managers, Business Analysts and technical developers that come together to deliver turn-key solutions.

Our Process

Tilson follows a highly structured, traceable and collaborative approach to reporting and resolving development changes. Our process includes the development and maintenance of a reporting register that serves as a triage document to collect all reporting requests. Using our cloud-based development tool, JIRA, Tilson and client teams are able to collaborate and track the progress of each report. Report development is typically iterative and therefore our developers and business analysts will work back and forth to ensure that development is progressing as intended. Before any report code is placed in to the production environment, extensive testing by Tilson's developers, business analysts and your subject matter experts is conducted and any necessary rework or modifications are made.


Today success is all about the data, and there is a lot of it out there. Data, that is. Success is harder to capture. Our business analytics and data science services can help your company achieve success by putting the data interpretation tools in the hands of your decision makers. We design business intelligence solutions that tell you what you want to know.

A new information system often brings with it new reporting and analytics requirements. Identifying and specifying required changes can be challenging. Coordinating the development and testing of these outputs is required as well. We assist in this area by working with your executives and users on the output requirements and coordinate the development and testing of the reports, dashboards and visualizations as well.

Report and analytics Development

Report and analytics development often requires specialized knowledge and skills. To assist you in getting information properly formatted for decision making, we offer report development services for Crystal, Oracle, Discover, Jasper, Power BI and other applications. These services also include any needed web portal design built on .Net, Oracle, and open source technologies.


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