Application Integration

Create Systems That Communicate

Single system enterprise environments are the ultimate goal in today’s construction IT world. While this is the ideal situation, it is not always the reality. Third-party, best-in-class systems are often needed to augment the primary enterprise application when companies have high functionality requirements.

Our integration services ensure all your systems can share data through solutions designed to be as seamless and low maintenance as possible. By bringing together construction business process professionals and technical database experts, we are able to design an integration process that is practical to deploy and maintain.

Data Integration Services

Integrations to Third-Party Products

Getting software applications to communicate with each other is an important consideration when multiple software packages are involved. We offer application integration services that streamline the flow of data between your systems to enable seamless communication among the various functional areas of your business.

Custom Applications

Packaged software doesn’t always provide the precise functionality you need. We can assist you in specifying and developing custom applications to deliver the functionality that you require. Learn more about our custom development services

Data Warehousing

In today’s cloud centric application environment, fully functioning integrations are often impractical.  Data warehousing is often the solution.  Our team of architects, analysts and developers can build the data access applications and repositories when a warehouse is the answer. 

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