Application Development

Don’t Compromise – Build It

Tilson brings construction business analysts and highly skilled developers together to produce applications that solve construction information problems. External applications and user interfaces are sometimes the only way to accommodate a specific business need. At some point, most construction companies face this challenge but do not have sufficient internal IT professionals to undertake the project. Locating the right external resources can be difficult, as there are many development shops but few that understand the unique construction environment. The unique challenges of the construction environment are always a part of the analysis and design so that the application performs as needed when deployed in the field.

Our Process

We approach application development with a disciplined methodology, collecting business requirements and drafting conceptual specifications before writing the first line of code. This process is applied in a practical way to minimize the development cost while maximizing the reliability of the application. Our development projects are external to the vendor’s application but are designed for compatibility with the environment so that the user experiences the application as an intuitive extension of the core product.

Application Development Flow Chart
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