Government Consulting

Advancing Technology from the Inside Out

Tilson partners with Federal, State and Municipal government entities to provide consulting services that enhance the nation's technology infrastructure. We have the experience to address a wide range of technical needs for all types of government clients, including broadband consulting as well as program and project management.


Tilson Gets Government

Tilson maintains several federal contract vehicles that can facilitate work within any department. Our staff is adept at working with the federal government, and we make projects successful from contract execution to final delivery.

Our Services

Broadband Consulting

Tilson helps communities navigate the complexities of broadband planning, taking the need for better broadband infrastructure and services from concept to reality. Whether a community is planning to build, operate, or fund a broadband network, finding the right companies to work with is the difference between success and failure. Tilson provides the expertise to help our clients solicit and vet partners and vendors, structure a deal, and negotiate contracts. We can also provide turn-key solutions, by structuring collaborative design-build-operate packages that shorten the time to put together a project plan and resources.

Program and Project Management

Grant programs, broadband data collection, mapping, public information and outreach:  when our clients have a broadband program to implement, they turn to us to help develop their strategy, make good choices and execute complex logistics. Our program management services include policy advice, reverse auction design, technical assistance, proposal response evaluation, commercial negotiation support, grant-making reviews, cost reasonableness evaluations, stakeholder communication, and award monitoring and compliance. We help clients take on large labor-intensive projects that have a high profile and a short time window to execute.

Software Development

Tilson offers a range of full-stack software development services using our US-based team of project managers, system architects, and software developers. Our technical consultants immerse themselves in our client’s requirements and take the time necessary to understand their specific mission. Commonly offered using an Agile SCRUM methodology, our software development services span a broad range of programming technologies due to the experience and versatility of our development team.

Tilson works closely with our development clients to architect tailored software solutions that meet project objectives. The integrated services approach of Tilson’s Software Development team fuses together project administration, oversight, strategy, development and support services to offer a comprehensive and turn-key option for application management. This approach is coupled with our team’s extensive industry experience to offer Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) services that offer software application support throughout the entire lifespan of an application. We have the skillsets in-house that can support activities from product development all the way through to deployment and continued maintenance and support.

Additionally, Tilson develops mobile applications on Android and iPhone platforms. We have the capabilities to develop mobile applications from the ground up and we provide all the services needed to build, test, deploy and maintain custom mobile applications. Our team has successfully designed, developed and deployed mobile applications to Google Play and the Apple App Store, and we take pride in our ability to emphasize and actualize what makes our clients apps exceptional.

Our Projects

Otero County Broadband

Tilson created a broadband plan for the Colorado Southeast Region, an area that spans six rural counties. The planning process included in-person community outreach throughout the region, an online survey, collaboration with current service providers, and detailed mapping of the region’s current service. The result was a plan that assessed the region’s broadband needs, identified gaps in broadband service, and proposed strategies and sample network designs to meet the gaps. Tilson’s work will serve as a blueprint for future broadband investments to ensure that scarce public resources are leveraged for maximum impact to the region.

Case Studies

Tilson designs, develops, launches and services large and small technology projects for governments around the world. Read all of our success stories here.

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