Closing The Digital Divide

Tilson offers strong technical partnership in building resilient, connected communities.

Reliable, affordable broadband connectivity has proven vital to the health, safety, and quality of life in the modern community, during good times and bad. Tilson’s core mission is to build communications and information infrastructure that reaches all Americans, partnering with public and private sector community leadership to plan, design, build, and maintain sustainable and cost-effective broadband networks.

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State Broadband Program Design, Management, and Strategy

Tilson provides comprehensive state broadband program development, management, and  strategy for states looking to expand broadband access to their communities. With recent infrastructure funding available, Tilson’s expert consultants can help ensure that your state is getting the most out of your broadband infrastructure investment. We have already assisted several states in achieving their broadband connectivity goals:

If you do not yet have a strong technical partner to support your state’s broadband initiatives, contact us for a free introductory call to learn more about our services and discuss your state’s specific broadband connectivity goals.

broadband technician at work
Tilson’s broadband consulting team performs field analyses during the implementation of a $500M broadband program in New York.
Map of Methow Valley, WA
Service and infrastructure analysis in Methow Valley, WA, where Tilson’s broadband consulting teams developed a comprehensive High Level Network design to address service gaps and meet state broadband policy goals of providing affordable and reliable 150 Mbps symmetrical service.

Broadband Consulting

Tilson also provides broadband consulting expertise for utilities, municipalities, tribes, and other stakeholders to plan, design, build, and manage sustainable broadband networks. We provide end-to-end services including:

  • Financial consulting
  • Demand analysis and community outreach
  • Program design and management
  • Network design and engineering
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Compliance and regulatory advisory
  • Grantee technical assistance and field auditing

Our experience includes work for the Seneca Nation, Vermont Electric Power Company (VELCO), and Methow Valley Broadband Action Team

​Network Deployment

Tilson’s broadband consulting expertise is rooted in real-world experience designing, building, and maintaining sustainable broadband networks. Our teams cover all aspects of network deployment construction including:

Tilson has already deployed CARES Act-funded networks in Vermont and New Hampshire.

Fire station grand opening
Despite tight timelines, Tilson was able to design and build 100+ miles of CARES Act-funded broadband infrastructure in less than 100 days for the New Hampshire Electric Co-op (NHEC).

Our Expertise

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