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Take Timberline to the Cloud

Tilson helps construction companies take their Sage Timberline software to the cloud. This allows construction companies to continue to use Timberline, using an internet connection, while the information technology supporting it lives in a secure facility. Tilson helps construction companies facing a hardware or software upgrade move to the cloud so they can stop thinking about IT and focus on their business, in a predictable, scalable, budgetable way. Once in the cloud, your employees can work from anywhere.

Some facts about taking Timberline to the cloud

  • You still own your Timberline license
  • You still own your data
  • You still have access to Sage support you buy from Sage
  • You own your cloud hosting account, unless you want Tilson to manage it for you
  • Your authorized employees can access Timberline from anywhere
  • You can add capacity with just a few clicks, paying as you go, with no future hardware upgrades
  • You can still have a secure, backed-up system

Frequently asked questions

Question: Is cloud hosting secure?

Answer: Yes, if you have the right plan with a reputable cloud hosting vendor. Tilson can help you think that through. Some cloud vendors have industry certifications to host financial, health, and even government data. 

Question: What if I want change cloud vendors- is my timberline license and data stranded?

Answer: Tilson can help you build a migration plan in advance of a vendor transition, which is relatively easy once you move to the cloud. 

Question: Can I still print locally if Timberline is in the cloud?

Answer: Yes, Tilson can set that up for you. You can scan as well. 

Question: Is my local IT vendor going think this is a good idea?

Answer: Maybe, but quite possibly not. You will buy less IT infrastructure once you move to the cloud. Some local IT vendors do have a locally hosted ‘private cloud’ offerings they would prefer you use. Tilson tends to recommend large, national vendors for cost reasons- it’s hard to beat the economy of scale and reliability of Amazon or Rackspace. It’s hard to beat the price point of large national vendors, and there are several reliable options. We are happy to work with local IT vendors in their private cloud however. 

Question: Do I need a good internet connection to go to the cloud?

Answer: Yes! A fast, reliable internet connection is absolutely essential for taking any IT to the cloud. Tilson can help you evaluate if what you already have is sufficient.

What about taking other IT tools to the cloud besides Timberline?

Yes, absolutely. It’s quite common for companies to take ‘commodity’ IT to the cloud. These are things that are similar in most business, and can be delivered more economically and reliably for many customers together than individually. Specifically, it’s inexpensive and easy to take the following things to the cloud:

  • Email
  • File server
  • Backups
  • CRM