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IT Project Management

IT projects typically fail due to a lack of oversight, leadership and commitment. Most companies do not have an internal project manager who can actively engage sponsors or manage activities, teams or resources. Tilson’s project management team is highly skilled in all these functions and has a long history of implementing successful projects under budget on time. Our team consists of PMI (Project Management Institute)-certified professionals (PMP) with practical experience in varying methodologies including waterfall and agile models. Our project managers will act as an extension of your own team bringing expertise, structure, definition and results. Tilson’s project management services include: 

  • Analyzing business needs, reviewing current operations, creating a budget, conducting stakeholder analysis and creating a guiding project charter.
  • Creating the project plan, identifying tasks, timeframes, deliverables, schedules and obtaining review and approval to begin work.
  • Helping organizations to properly structure project teams for successful execution.
  • Executing the project plan including work performed from varying project team members in different capacities to reach the end state of the target deliverables.
  • Providing regular updates to stakeholders including status of costs versus budget and communicating any foreseen risks to the project.
  • Finalizing deliverables and reports and conducting post-mortem evaluations to solicit feedback on project improvements as well as successes.