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IT Implementation Support

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Services

Implementing an ERP system typically consists of a four-stage lifecycle. We partner with clients on all four stages as well as work with clients seeking help on one or more particular project stage(s):

  • Business Analysis: During this stage, we gain an understanding of the client's business systems and processes, and identify the client's needs.
  • Software Selection: Having identified needs, we craft a request for proposal (RFP) and issue it to a range of solution providers on behalf of our client. As responses are received, we compile and score them before presenting the results to the client, providing information needed to identify finalists. We then help facilitate software demonstrations, evaluate and score responses and provide the client with the data and advice needed to confidently select an appropriate software solution and vendor.  
  • Implementation: In this stage, we create a plan and schedule which maps out the project, identifies deliverables and deadlines, and ensures that the client, software provider, and Tilson consultants have established responsibilities and clear lines of communication. Our team will assist with the set-up and configuration process including data import, validation, and system integrations. We will coordinate and assist training end-users on the new software and test to ensure the new system is performing as expected. The project team will then execute the go-live plan and launch the new system.
  • Improvement/Ongoing Services: Following the go-live date, our consultants work with the client to make changes, troubleshoot the new solution, and ensure that software systems are fully utilized and optimized.